Job Overview


The Ohio National Guard seeks to employ high quality applicants for Federal Technician positions. This position requires military membership in the Ohio National Guard.

Military Unit and Address:

200th Red Horse Sq

1200 North Camp Perry East
Port Clinton, OH 43452

This position is being announced concurrently as an AGR position.  To view the AGR job announcement, please visit the Ohio National Guard jobs page at

***Member must provide letter from FSS certifying that they are eligible for promotion to LT COL. Failure to submit letter showing promotion eligibility will automatically disqualify you for position.



This position is located in the Command Section of an ANG Civil Engineering Squadron or Flight (RED HORSE). It supports various other assigned and/or attached units or operating facilities located on the base for support. Its primary purpose is the overall unit management.


Apply using the instructions in the "How to Apply" section

The Ohio National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer


(1) Responsible for effective unit management and accomplishment of the total workload necessary to provide essential services and support for entire unit and attached units. Coordinates with major commands, numbered Air Forces, National Guard Bureau, and their respective staffs on matters of policy, facilities/requirements, and logistics; funding of projects and deployments; and equipment and personnel changes needed to meet mission changes and requirements. Coordinates with military unit commanders and technician functional area supervisors to bring about maximum utilization of unit personnel. Assures a high degree of operational effectiveness through effective management of assigned air technicians and economic utilization of equipment and material. Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, administration, accounting, supply, training, operations, maintenance, personnel, facilities engineering, ground explosive safety, public relations, gaining military command coordination, and host tenant agreements.  

(2) In close coordination with the Adjutant General, ANG staff officers, LISP&F0 and the military unit commanders concerned, determines and establishes current and long range plans to assure that adequate equipment, facilities. funds, manpower space, supplies and other related services are available at the required time to provide for and accomplish the required workload and accomplish the

mission of the unit.

****  A more comprehensive detailed description of the position may be found in Position Description "D0243000" in the employing unit or in the Human Resources Office  ****