Job Overview


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The position is located in the Northern Plains Area, Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Fargo, North Dakota. The incumbent administers the location's financial management activities which encompasses numerous accounting codes and subaccounts (CRIS') different sources of funds, and unusual financial arrangements.

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The incumbent:

  • Maintains a financial plan for the location which provides a record of fund availability pertinent to each account serviced in order to provide information to the fund holder on funding levels and subsequent adjustments.
  • Ensures financial plans tie in to official agency records.
  • Plays a significant role in support of the Administrative Officer (AO), Research Leaders and their staffs in the development of the Annual Resource Management Plan for the location.
  • Develops budget forecasts and overhead cost distribution methods between many different accounts and funding sources using electronic spreadsheets.
  • Participates in the budget preparation process by compiling, consolidating, checking, and arranging funding data in requests to cover projected annual operating expenses.