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Vacancy Identification Number (VIN) 937350

OUR MISSION: To fulfill President Lincoln's promise – "To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan" – by serving and honoring the men and women who are America's Veterans.  

As a VA professional, your opportunities are endless. With many openings in the multiple functions of VA, you will have a wide range of opportunities and leadership positions at your fingertips. Not only is it the largest, most technologically advanced integrated health care system in the Nation, but we also provide many other services to Veterans through the Benefits Administration and National Cemeteries. VA professionals feel good about their careers and their ability to balance work and home life. VA offers generous paid time off and a variety of predictable and flexible scheduling opportunities.  For more information on the Department of Veterans Affairs, go to

Note:  The full performance level of this vacancy is GS-13.  The actual grade at which an applicant may be selected for this vacancy is in the range of GS-12 to GS-13.  The Professional Standards Board (a peer-review group) will review the selected candidate’s education and experience and recommend the grade and step at which the candidate will be placed.  The salary is based on the grade and step approved for the selected candidate.

Relocation Expenses: Relocation expenses are not authorized for this position.

The Physician Assistant in Dermatology is a member of an interdisciplinary team providing medical/surgical services to patients in need of Dermatological care.  The PA works under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician with delineated clinical privileges granted by the Medical Staff.  Within the physician/PA relationship, physician assistants exercise autonomy in medical decision-making and provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.


FUNCTIONS:  The following duties are coarried out under the supervision of the physician of record or a designee agent of the supervising physician.


  1. Incumbent will serve as an agent for supervising physicians.  Orders written by him/her are to be considered as coming from the supervising physician(s).
  2. The incumbent will be responsible for initial screening of patients in outpatient clinics.  A screening may include history, physical exams, ordering laboratory tests and x-rays, electrocardiograms, and other routine diagnostic test.  May institute appropriate treatment for minor orthopedic problems.
  3. Prescriptive privileges will follow the guidelines.  The prescribing of drugs for inpatients is restricted to routine medications and DEA Class II, III and IV controlled substances.  The incumbent will be authorized to prescribe all routine medications as listed in the VA Pharmacy Formulary with the exception of chemothrerapeutic agents, antiocoagulants and special medications restricted to approval by another section or department.
  4. The incumbent will initiate evaluations and therapy for patiens as outlined in their physician assistant practice description on file in the Operative Care Division offices and may write prescriptions for medication as commensurate with their VA prescriptive privileges.
  5. Participates in the screening of in-hospital consultation received, may be written or verbal.
  6. Performs simple laceration suturing; venipuncture; arterio-puncture; skin escision; cryotherapy; suture removal; administration of intramuscular, subcutaneous and intradermal injections; administers local nerve blocks; performs procedures such as administration of local anesthetics and corticosteroids; and cleansing and debridement of wounds as needed.
  7. Management and care of the Dermatology instruments in Dermatology clinics.
  8. excision of skin lesions within the scope of practice of the incumbent.
  9. Conduct Dermatology patient and family teaching/education to provide continuity of care.
  10. The incumbent shall be available for assisting with procedures as needed.


  1. Screening of consultations and scheduling patients into the appropriate clinic.
  2. Assist in responding to patient inquiries receive by the VAMC Telephone Care Program and with clinical issues brought forth by an orthopedic team member or other personnel within or outside of the VAMC.
  3. Direct scheduling of appropriate x-rays and diagnostic tests in advance of clinic dates.


The following duties may be performed by the incumbent only after direct consultation and the approval of the responsible physician:

  1. Wound aspiration.
  2. Wound incision and drainage.
  3. wound irrigation
  4. Suture of minor wounds and incisions
  5. Administer IM medications.


The following emergency duties are to be carried out for patients in life threatening situations when a physician is not immediately available.  The PA is to initiate these activities, but make every effort to summon a physician as soon as possible:

  1. Cardiopulmonary resusctitation (CPR) including electrodefibrillation
  2. Treatment of acute respiratory failure
  3. Treatment of life threatening traumatic injuries
  4. Endotracheal intubation

Work Schedule: The incumbent will be responsible for working a 40 hour per week tour of duty as approved.

The incumbent for this position may be eligible to apply for the Education Debt Reduction Program. Please contact Human Resources at the Portland VA Medical Center and speak with David Frank, the EDRP Coordinator, at (503)220-8262 extension 57323 for additional information.

Relocation Expenses: Relocation expenses are authorized for this position.

Travel Required

  • Not Required