Job Overview


A career with the Forest Service will challenge you to manage and care for more than 193 million acres of our nation's most magnificent lands, conduct research through a network of forest and range experiment stations and the Forest Products Laboratory, and provide assistance to State and private forestry agencies.

It's an awesome responsibility - but the rewards are as limitless as the views.

This position is being concurrently announced under Merit Promotion Announcement Number 13-0919-2777G-TB.  Current or former Federal employees may apply to both announcements, but should be sure to apply to the Merit Promotion Announcement in order to avoid losing consideration since different referral criteria apply to each type of announcement.  Disabled veterans, candidates with 3 or more years of active duty military service, and candidates eligible for special hiring authorities may apply to the Merit Promotion Announcement if they meet the criteria outlined in the announcement and submit supporting documentation.

This position is on the Allegheny National Forest with a duty location in Warren, PA.

For additional information about the duties of the position, please contact Nadine Pollock at 814-728-6179 or

This is an archeologist on the Allegheny National Forest. This position serves as the Forest Archeologist/Heritage Program Manager.

The USDA Forest Service has legislative authority to recruit and fill Permanent (Career/Career-Conditional), Temporary, and Term Appointments under the USDA Demonstration Project. Under this authority, any U.S. citizen may apply.


Duties are at the full performance level.

Responsible for planning, directing, implementing, and administering a diverse and highly complex Forest’s Heritage Resources Management Program, including the formulation of short and long term plans, policies and program guidelines in order to achieve Forest, regional and national goals and objectives. Plans, directs, coordinates and executes survey for the location and verification of archeological and historical sites and provides guidance to line officers and district archeologists in marking, protecting and salvage of these sites. Directs the preparation of maps, inventories, reports and records relative to the discovery, protection, inventory, salvage and interpretation of heritage and cultural resource areas. Develops Forest-wide heritage resources management budget, and recommends budget allocation strategies to Forest leadership and staff. Reviews heritage resource reports for completeness and to determine significance of, and effects to, identifies historic properties, in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Officer. Reviews and analyzes heritage resource laws, regulations and policies for effects on forest management programs and consistency with regional and national objectives. Recommends corrective actions to the Forest Supervisor or regional office when violations are found, and coordinates all necessary remedial action to obtain compliance. Recommends and carries out required elements of research plans related to studies, excavations, artifact analysis and the content of reports. Evaluates archeological and historical sites and identifies which are appropriate for inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Responsible for the individual and thematic eligibility assessments of selected sites or classes of sites. Recommends or reviews the mitigating action for projects on Forest land when ground disturbing activities are proposed. Prepares technical approval for documentation submitted for program matter, including contracts, National Register of Historic Places, eligibility criteria, and other required internal reports. Consults and coordinates with Indian Tribes under provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation (NAGPA) and Forest/Tribal MOU’s. Prepares contract specifications for survey or salvage of cultural and heritage resource sites and monitors contract operations; acts as COR inspector on such projects. Has final review, authority and responsibility over all work, reports, recommendations and evaluations made by subordinate staff and district archeologists. Works with special interest groups and local organizations in informing the public about the Forest’s cultural resources and in developing interpretive programs and information for interested publics.