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Job Title:Security Specialist

Department:Department of the Army

Agency:Army National Guard Units (Title 32)

Job Announcement Number:JF13-010 360398

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$50,021.00 to $65,023.00 / Per Year


Wednesday, July 24, 2013 to Friday, August 23, 2013




Full Time - Excepted Service Permanent


1 vacancy in the following location:
Salem, OR United StatesView Map


All groups of qualified individuals



Security Specialist
Location: JFHQ in Salem, Oregon

Appointment Type: Excepted Service Permanent
PD #: D0620
Salary Range: $50,021.00 - $65,023.00
*Candidates must be able to obtain and maintain Physical Security inspector credentials, DA Form 4261-1, in accordance with AR 190-13.*
*Candidates must have a valid or be able to obtain an Army ATO Level Two Certificate.*

*Candidates must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Security Clearance*
*Candidates must have a valid state driver's license*
*PCS is not Authorized* 

*May be required to work overtime/Comp time.*
*May be required to work emergency overtime.*
*May be required to work irregular tours of duty, weekends and Federal holidays.*
NOTE: This position is covered by the Civilian Drug Testing Program.
Incumbent is required to sign a DA Form 5019-R, Condition of Employment for certain civilian positions identified as critical under the Drug Abuse Testing Program.

MEMBERSHIP IN THE NATIONAL GUARD IS REQUIRED: This is an Excepted Service position that requires membership in the Oregon National Guard as a condition of employment. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an Excepted Service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.

1st Area: Current permanent technicians of the Oregon National Guard.
2nd Area: Current members of the Oregon National Guard.
3rd Area: Individuals eligible to become members of the Oregon National Guard.
Application materials must be received by Friday, August 23, 2013. Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position. Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations section to understand the qualification requirements, and How To Apply Section for detailed instruction on applying.


  • Military Requirement: Enlisted Only
  • MOS: 35 & 31B
  • Related AFSC's: 3P0X1


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This position is located in the ARNG State Area Command (STARC) Headquarters. Plans, Operations, and Military support Branch of the Plans, Operations, and Training Office (POTO). The Purpose of this position is to serve as a Security specialist and as a point of contact on intelligence matters.

--Serves as a state Security Monitor. Coordinates security and intelligence matters to include review of state directives and regulations. These programs are complex in nature involving extremely Intricate and detailed procedures to protect federal property and classified defense Information. Provides threat briefings for overseas travel.

--Implements security regulations through spot-checks or random sampling of classified defense documents. Conducts scheduled and unscheduled security inspections. Evaluates clearances authorized to ensure clearance levels for management officials and personnel are commensurate with the information handled. Advises on the adverse effects to national security that results from unauthorized disclosures of classified information under their possession or control.

--Develops procedures on emergency removal of plans. Conducts special security surveys/inspections as required by the National Security Agency. Administers and publishes courier orders. Administers the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Classified Information Program. Administers the NATO Classified Document Control Program. Ensures security procedures are adequate so that sensitive or classified information, resources, and materiel are protected from loss, unauthorized disclosure, espionage, terrorism, sabotage, natural disasters compromised, etc., which is considered to be vital to the national defense.

--Establishes and oversees the classified document program and is appointed in some instances as the NATO control point for the state. Develops and publishes guidance. Conducts inspections and ensures compliance. Submits reports as required. Reviews job descriptions for security disposition. Advises and assists on personnel security issues. Ensures security clearance rosters are maintained and are current. Develops special security clearance requirements (Governor, etc.). Monitors security clearances. Makes recommendations regarding individuals that need clearances and those individuals that no longer require security clearances or-clearances that can be downgraded. or terminated. Interfaces with the Information Management Office on TEMPEST (studies and investigations of compromising emanations) issues.

--Serves as the Physical Security Specialist responsible for conducting both scheduled and non-scheduled physical security inspections and surveys of assigned functions to include off post sites. Investigates and reports physical security weaknesses or violations, accomplishes or prescribes corrective action to ensure continuing effectiveness of protective measures to safeguard information and material at a large number of facilities with emphasis on arms, ammunition and explosive storage facilities, holding areas, and other areas where sensitive, and/or classified and high dollar value items are stored or handled. Advises and works with unit/activity commanders on improvements to security protective methods and procedures. Prepares written inspection, survey and investigation reports of findings for presentation to the supervisor and unit/activity commanders. Recommends corrective actions to ensure that deficiencies are corrected.

--Reviews master planning actions for the implementation of Intrusion Detection (IDS), Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) and other electronic access systems. Reviews new/revised regulations bulletins, messages and other materials to maintain current knowledge of the Physical Security field. Determines level of risk (DA 190-51) for facilities using risk analysis procedures established in DA regulation. Develops plans for installation of protective measures based upon analysis of the requirements for each facility. Coordinates with the Directorate of Public Works and contractor support for installation and maintenance of systems; submits orders for equipment and supplies required for such efforts and provides cost estimates to DRM Budget Analyst. Provides training for military and DoD police, and operations personnel in IDS/CCTV procedures. Ensures that IDS/CCTV aspects of overall Physical Security plan are current.

--Inspects security systems to identify problems and vulnerabilities in protective devices, mechanisms, and lock and key systems. Recommends modifications and solutions to maintain adequate security. Maintains and updates the Installation Security Manager Roster. Ensures Security Managers are trained in physical security procedures and requirements.

--Assists the Physical Security Officer in various physical security related duties in areas such as crime prevention, intrusion detection system (IDS) testing, and emergency management to prevent access to equipment, facilities, material, and documents. Participates and assists with physical security inspections of installation buildings. Recommendations the most appropriate equipment, and security locking devices/systems for specific security requirements. Ensures building and office security systems are effective.

--Assists State Antiterrorism Officer in coordinating the counter terrorism plan. Receives timely intelligence reports, threat statements, and intelligence assessments regarding terrorist threats to personnel, organizations and property. Analyzes vulnerabilities, evaluates friendly force capabilities, and recommends security measures to eliminate or reduce vulnerabilities.  Incumbent assists in developing and implementing counter-terrorism strategies for eliminating or reducing installation vulnerabilities to terrorist threats. Assists with Anti-Terrorist Force Protection Planning, training and briefings

--Responsible for implementation, oversight and centralized control of the coordinated Physical Security Inspection program. Integration of physical security into the ORNG OPSEC programs at all levels. Also, identifies physical security requirements in the developmental stages of new or modified construction in coordination with AGI. Oversees assessments of ORNG facilities, to include arms rooms and ammunition storage facilities. Responsible for the implementation of the ORNG OPSEC program.  Involves monitoring subordinate units, conducting assessments, preparing reports, ensuring the ORNG is compliant with OPSEC regulations and directives. In addition, develops and recommends OPSEC measures to be implemented by the ORNG, ensuring the integration of OPSEC into Force Protection, physical security, and other identified ORNG programs.

--Performs other duties as assigned.


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General Experience:
Work involves directing, planning, coordinating, developing, and administering security and law enforcement programs designed to promote National security. The incumbent will coordinate training programs to acquaint National Guard technician in security and law enforcement matters as well as maintain security records, files, and reports. Experience, education or training that has provided analytical, decision making, or administrative skills which demonstrates the candidates ability to accomplish the work of an organization. This experience must demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively and successfully with others.

Education Requirements:
None to list for this position.


Within their resume applicants must explain how they have gained the Specialized Experience required for this position. Applicants at the GS-09 level must have 24 months of experience, education, or training in planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling base and law enforcement activities. Experience providing training in areas related to this position. Experience analyzing reports of investigations and maintaining security records.


Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience:
None to list for this position.


Competence, Confidence, Courage, Commitment (CCCC)  

Oregon National Guard will provide the citizens of the State of Oregon and the United States with the ready force of citizen soldiers and airman, equipped and trained to respond to any contingency natural or manmade.

Unit of military assignment is any supporting unit of JFHQ. Selectee will be required to participate in the Direct Deposit Electronics Funds Transfer Program. Acceptance of a permanent or indefinite position with the Oregon National Guard will cause termination from any Guard Recruitment Bonus or Guard paid student loan. A law enforcement background check may be required prior to appointment to this position. By submitting a resume or application for this position, you authorize this agency to accomplish the check. This is a dual-status position and membership in the Oregon National Guard is required. By submitting this application you are affirming to the validity of the information you have provided.


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To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package which includes all of the following parts:

  1. Your resume
  2. Explanation of Specialized Experience
  3. Other documents specified in the Required Documents section, if any are listed.
The complete Application Package must be received in our office no later than 1630 hrs (4:30 pm PST) on Friday, August 23, 2013.

We are not currently accepting on-line applications. Please use the following information to submit your application.
    By Mail:
  • Oregon Military Department
  • JFHQ-HRO/Staffing
  • PO Box 14350
  • Salem, OR 97309
    Hand deliver to:
  • Oregon Military Department
  • 1776 Militia Way SE Room 150
  • Salem, Oregon.
*E-mailing is reserved for certain circumstances such as deployment, military schooling and extended TDY’s. Prior approval is required before an application is submitted via email.
    Important information regarding completion and Submission of your Application Package:
  • Applications must be typed or printed in legible dark ink. Please sign and date each application.
  • Be sure to include the announcement number and position title on your application.
  • You may staple your application. Do not bind, tab, or use document protectors.
  • Submit only single sided copies of all application documents.
  • Applications submitted using government resources will not be accepted.
  • When mailing your application it is recommended that you obtain a delivery confirmation receipt showing the date your application was mailed. Please allow several business days for mail delivery prior to Friday, August 23, 2013.


    Failure to provide complete information, may result in an applicant not receiving consideration for this position.
  • Current Resume
  • Explanation of Specialized Experience
  • Transcript (If using education to substitute for experience, you must submit a transcript)
  • Job related certificates and licenses (Optional) - current only


Phone: (503)584-3841
Agency Information:
Oregon National Guard
PO Box 14350
ATTN Staffing
Salem, OR


After the position closing date, your application will be reviewed in full. If qualified your application will be forwarded to the hiring official. If further evaluation or interviews are required you will be contacted.

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JF13-010 360398

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