Job Overview


If you are intrigued by the idea of working at a unique federal agency that has a tremendous impact on the funding and advancement of science, engineering and education, then the National Science Foundation is the place for you. In addition to funding research in traditional academic areas, NSF also supports innovative ideas, novel collaborations and numerous projects that may seem like science fiction today, but become the reality of tomorrow. NSF has the advantages of a small agency environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and opportunities to contribute to major agency-wide projects. More about NSF.

This position is located in the Office of the Assistant Director, Directorate for Social, Behavior and Economic Sciences (SBE), National Science Foundation (NSF).  The Directorate, responsible for research and education in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences, consists of three divisions and the Office of the Assistant Director.


The Directorate Administrative Coordinator serves as an advisor to the Assistant Director, Deputy Assistant Director, and SBE senior leaders on technical and sensitive matters relating to managerial, administrative, and business activities.  Specific duties of this position include the following:

  • Analyzes new requirements and programs for impact on the organization and develops the appropriate implementation strategy;
  • Resolves administrative management issues; 
  • Develops both short and long-range plans involving administrative program goals, objectives, and measurement criteria;
  • Plans, conducts, coordinates, or participates in complex projects, analytical studies, surveys, focus groups, and reviews related to the effectiveness and improvement of procedures, programs, and business systems; 
  • Leads or participates in planning, organizing, and conducting internal and external analyses and process improvement re-engineering studies;
  • Prepares presentations, makes recommendations, and identifies and proposes solutions to management issues;
  • Aligns Directorate administrative and business operations (e.g., financial, human resources, contracting, program support, management analysis) with program objectives; 
  • Oversees the Agency Operations and Award Management (AOAM) budget for the Directorate and tracks full-time-equivalent (FTE)/Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) allocations;
  • Develops strategies for forecasting, acquiring and allocating resources;
  • Represents the Directorate on business-related committees (e.g., new systems, human resource management) and coordinates with other Directorates on business programs; 
  • Evaluates and advises on the Directorate's administrative support methods and procedures and identifies new or improved business and management practices;
  • Oversees the development and implementation of business processes and systems;
  • Directs or conducts Directorate workload analyses to meet future Directorate workload demands;
  • Ensures the administrative, operations, and program support work is meeting the needs, goals and objectives of the scientific programs;
  • Supervises the performance of the administrative staff within the Office of the Assistant Director.