Job Overview


The Department of Veterans Affairs  is interested in attracting the best talent for our diverse cadre of SES members from within VA, the Federal government and the private sector. We have streamlined our recruitment process and now only require you to submit a 5 page resume to apply for this position.  

The Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board/BVA) is the component of the VA that is responsible for entering the final decision on behalf of the Secretary in each of the thousands of claims for entitlement to veterans' benefits that are presented annually for appellate review.

The incumbent serves as the Principal Deputy Vice Chairman (PDVC) in the Board of Veterans' Appeals and reports to the Vice Chairman. The Principal Deputy Vice Chairman is primarily responsible for quality performance of  the Appellate Group with the goal of effectively integrating the resources of the Board to achieve the highest level of productivity and quality decisions which are impartial, just and equitable under the law.. The PDVC leads the professional and administrative services of the Board, as directed by the Chairman or Vice Chairman.  Serves as one of the key advisors to the Chairman and/or Vice Chairman, serving on their behalf in their absence.  Ensures continuous operations of all elements of the Board.  Directs policy in areas involving complex legal issues; manages quality of work product; rules on motions of law.  Involvement in development and execution of long-range plans related to all facets of the Board, such as staffing, finance, policy, coalition building, and effective operations.  Functions as an active member of the Board's top management team and is engaged in all aspects of strategic planning; balancing ongoing transformation with continuity, stability and discipline of operations. Along with upper management officials, incumbent is responsible for the Board's overarching strategic and functional goals, including as relative to the Appellate Team.

VA structures its SES positions into pay bands. This is a pay band 1 position and the salary range is $119,554-$179,600. Exceptions to the salary cap may be considered in certain circumstances.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) costs, a recruitment/relocation incentive and/or Appraised Value Offer may be authorized. Some travel maybe required.

Multiple similarly categorized positions may be filled using this vacancy announcement.


 The PDVC, is responsible to the Vice Chairman. The position requires the effective and economical direction, control, and operation of the Appellate Team. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Provides efficient direction and coordination for the Appellate Team.

Provides continuous supervision over goals relative to quality and qualitative goals/accomplishments

Oversees the development and approval of policy and policy changes in response to legislative, judicial or organizational needs and changes.

Plans and directs studies of complex or unusual legal issues with extensive policy implications.

Confers with top departmental offices of the VA and other government agencies, including members of Congress and officials of the Veteran Service Organizations (VSO).

Reviews critical legal analysis of significant issues where few precedents are available and, therefore, end results will have significant influence in proposal to regulation or legislation.