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This position is located in the Office of the Director of Physical Security Programs (PSP), Bureau of Diplomatic Security.  Incumbent is responsible for the expert technical review and analyses of the PSP financial resource portfolio which delivers worldwide physical security for personnel, information and facilities as codified by the U.S. Department and Sate and mandated by Congress at more than 220 U.S. diplomatic facilities overseas and 130 domestic facilities with an annual budget in excess of $300 million dollars and encompasses over 35 budgeted program activities. 

This position is also being announced through
Merit Promotion procedures under Announcement #
DS-2013-0464.  Candidates who wish to be
considered under both Public (US Citizens)and
Merit Promotion procedures must apply to both


-Serves as technical expert for the Office of the Director, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Countermeasures, and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Financial Officer. Responsible for the formulation and execution of over $300 million dollars and over 35 budgeted program activities.

-Conducts authoritative comparative financial analysis of current and projected program needs and associated budget requests to identify patterns and trends of resource usage.

-Prepares financial strategic plans for management requiring financial data, fact-finding, collection, development, review, and analysis of budget projections and justifications. Defines the long-term financial planning of critical global recurring programs and initiatives.

-Sets initial, mid-year and final target financial plan estimates. Oversee the tracking and monitoring of Worldwide Security Protection funding, Y-year monies, security supplemental, special appropriations carryovers, and inter and intra-agency recoveries.

-Prepares budget justifications and out-year OMB documentation to determine budget projections and related obligation plans. Plans, manages and coordinates program aspects of third party contracts, Personal Service Contracts (PSCs), blanket purchase agreements, procurement requests and  military interdepartmental purchase requests (MIPRs). Verifies the availability of funding for commercial invoices and audits third party contractor invoices to ensure contract compliance. 

-Executes and monitors Program Inter-Agency Agreements and ensures other agencies and Department bureaus provide reimbursement mandated by the Agreements. Prepares and reviews draft solicitations and statement of work for the program’s multi-million dollar global programs, analyzes cost estimates again program performance measures and current budget ceilings. 

-Uses specific resource management systems to initiate, formulate, monitor and execute required actions.