Job Overview


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The incumbent is a Research Food Technologist / Research Chemist in the Hard Spring and Durum Wheat Quality Laboratory, located at the Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center in Fargo, North Dakota. This lab is a part of the Cereal Crops Research Unit, whose mission is to improve quality and disease resistance of small grains through research on genetics, genomics, pathology, and end-use quality. The project goal is to provide an improved understanding of the factors that underlie and influence end-use quality, and apply the knowledge gained to wheat improvement. 


Major Duties:

·        Provides leadership for end-use quality evaluations as well as in research on the enhancement of end-use quality of hard spring and durum wheat. Specific lines of research may include the following:  1) Develop a better understanding of the relationships between wheat biochemical constituents (e.g. proteins, starches, lipids, and pentosans) and end-use quality and functionality; 2) Develop rapid analytical procedures to determine wheat chemical components and quality traits; 3) Collaborate with colleagues in the identification and/or development of molecular markers linked to genes of wheat biochemical components or quality traits to facilitate selection of wheat lines with high end-use quality; 4) Identify milling, baking, and pasta processing traits of experimental and advanced lines of hard spring and durum wheat that impact end-use quality and the overall development and release of new commercial cultivars of wheat;

·        Designs, conducts, and publishes research in peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

·        Provides consultation and advice to leaders in the farming, milling, and baking industries, and state and federal action/regulatory agencies on technical matters related to cereal crop quality problems, milling and baking quality, and grain quality measurement.