Job Overview



The Department of Justice (DOJ) mission to enforce the law, and to defend the interests of the United
States and its citizens in accordance with the law, is carried out by approximately 104,000 talented and
diverse men and women, working in 40 separate component organizations and in numerous and varied
law enforcement, legal, and administrative mission-critical occupations. DOJ leads the Nation in ensuring
the protection of all Americans while preserving their constitutional freedoms. With such an important
mission to achieve, it is critical for DOJ to recruit a highly-skilled workforce. Become a member of our
team, where you can achieve your career goals and apply your skills and talents to our important

Consider joining the DOJ Criminal Division. One of seven litigating Divisions in the Department, the
Criminal Division investigates and prosecutes complex criminal matters and assists the 93 United States
Attorney Offices in investigations, trials, and appeals. In addition to its direct litigation responsibilities,
the Division formulates and implements criminal enforcement policy and provides advice and assistance
in sensitive areas of law enforcement; advises the Attorney General, Congress, the Office of Management
and Budget and the White House on matters of criminal law; provides legal advice and assistance to
federal prosecutors and investigative agencies; and provides leadership for coordinating international as
well as federal, state, and local law enforcement matters.

The Appellate Section defends the integrity and constitutionality of the Department’s investigations and prosecutions.  To accomplish its mission, the Appellate Section prepares draft briefs and certiorari petitions for the Solicitor General for filing in the U.S. Supreme Court; makes recommendations to the Solicitor General as to whether further review is warranted on adverse decisions in the district courts and courts of appeals; prepares briefs and argues cases in the courts of appeals; and briefs and argues motions in district courts in cases of national importance.  Section attorneys also assist U.S. Attorneys in preparing briefs for the courts of appeals and provide advice on a variety of legal issues.


As the principal Deputy Chief of the Appellate Section you will manage complex appellate legal matters in many of the Attorney General’s mission critical areas such as public corruption, financial crimes, terrorism and violent crime, child exploitation, and the validity of federal sentencing. The principal Deputy Chief also:

• Supervises and coordinates legal issues of substantial precedential importance assigned to the Appellate Section charged with carrying out one of the heaviest caseloads in the Department.  Serves, along with the Chief, as the Department’s expert on appellate cases.  Oversees the preparation of briefs and petitions of government cases in the Supreme Court that are within the jurisdiction of the Criminal Division. 

• Assigns and reviews for policy and substance recommendations to the Solicitor General prepared in the Appellate Section as to the advisability of taking appeals to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court from adverse decisions of the lower courts.  Reviews briefs prepared by Section attorneys for filing in the federal appellate courts, and prepares attorneys for oral arguments in those courts.  Advises and consults with United States Attorneys, other Division attorneys, the Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, and the Solicitor General on the status of the Division’s cases in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and ongoing and emerging priorities.

• Advises and consults regularly with United States Attorneys on questions arising in their daily work of preparing indictments, preparing and trying cases, and handling appeals which call for quick solutions by means of ready knowledge of the relevant legal precedents.

• Prepares legal memoranda and correspondence on a wide spectrum of Division criminal matters, including terrorism, public corruption, financial fraud, and child exploitation investigations and the legality of investigative techniques, jurisdictional questions or grand jury issues vital to protecting the interests of the United States.  Also provides advice and analysis to the Assistant Attorney General on proposed amendments to the federal rules and the criminal code.

• Personally drafts Supreme Court briefs in the most difficult and important cases upon assignment by the Solicitor General.  Also personally briefs and argues cases in the courts of appeals and drafts appeal recommendations to the Solicitor General.

• Assumes responsibility for a broad range of management, financial and administrative functions that are critical in the planning, policy direction, operation and problem solving of the Section.  Mobilizes Section’s prosecutorial resources to provide significant litigative support on quick response issues.  Reviews programs to identify need for improvements in quality, timeliness, and/or productivity.  Monitors and evaluates plans and measures attainment of outcomes.  Provides solutions to organizational problems.

• Acquires and leverages needed fiscal and human resources to achieve results oriented outcomes.  Develops budget enhancements which include both performance measures and outcomes that reflect the Section’s, Division’s and Department’s strategic goals and objectives. 

• Provides strong advocacy and commitment to the Division’s priorities concerning workforce diversity and equal employment opportunity.  Affirms merit promotion principles in all aspects of personnel recruitment, selection, development, and performance management.