Job Overview


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is one of the most respected regulatory agencies in America's financial community. Our mission is to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system by insuring deposits, examining and supervising financial institutions, and managing receiverships. The FDIC is ranked as the Number #1 Best Place to Work among medium-sized Federal Government agencies by the Partnership for Public Service, based on responses to a 2012 employee survey.

**This announcement has been amended to change the 3-day assessment process to occur during the week of January 13-18, 2014.**

The FDIC Pathways Recent Graduates Program is a program that targets individuals who have graduated since December 27, 2010, or will graduate by June 15, 2014, from qualifying educational institutions or programs. Successful applicants will be placed in a two-year developmental program. Throughout the program, you will participate in formal training, developmental job assignments and mentoring by an assigned coach to develop competencies applicable to the FDIC’s mission and needs.
Candidates selected for the Financial Institution Specialist position in the FDIC Corporate Employee Program will be assigned to an FDIC Field Office and participate in an intensive training program incorporating formal classroom training, self-study, and work assignments located at and outside of the employee's official duty station. Financial Institution Specialists must complete all training benchmarks and obtain a commission as a Financial Institution Examiner in Risk Management, Compliance or Resolutions and Receivership in order to be promoted to the CG-11 level. Specialists who do not complete these requirements within 4 years will be separated from employment.
The 2013 starting salary for most locations is $51,032, however, higher salaries are provided in locations with a higher than average cost of living or for applicants who have earned a higher salary in a related position. Generally, salary is set at the minimum shown. However, candidates who have earned more than the minimum rate for directly related work may request that the FDIC consider offering a higher rate within the pay range. Such requests may be made only after the candidate's selection for the position and will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the business needs of the Corporation and in consideration of the median earnings for current employees.


Financial Institution Specialists perform developmental assignments and receive on-the-job and formal classroom training designed to provide practical experience in the risk management, consumer protection/compliance, resolutions and receiverships, and deposit insurance functions of the FDIC. 
Financial Institution Specialists assigned to the supervision function participate in the assessment of financial institutions to determine the existence of unsafe and unsound practices; violations of law and regulation; the adequacy of internal controls/procedures; the general character of management; and compliance with consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights laws and regulations, and the Community Reinvestment Act. These Financial Institution Specialists write comments and analyses for inclusion in examination reports and meet with insured depository institution officials to discuss the findings of an examination and, if necessary, any corrective programs.
Financial Institution Specialists assigned to the resolutions and receivership management function participate in planning and marketing for the sale of failed financial institutions and their assets; preparation of information packages and pro-forma statements; closing of failed institutions and determination of associated deposit insurance claims; oversight and management of failed institutions assets; investigation of potential receivership claims; and management of receiverships through termination. 

  • Additional Duty Location Info

    • 1 vacancy - Hoover, AL
    • 1 vacancy - Phoenix, AZ
    • 1 vacancy - Orange County, CA
    • 1 vacancy - San Francisco, CA
    • 1 vacancy - Denver, CO
    • 1 vacancy - Hartford, CT
    • 1 vacancy - Wilmington, DE
    • 1 vacancy - Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • 1 vacancy - Pensacola, FL
    • 1 vacancy - Tampa, FL
    • 1 vacancy - Atlanta, GA
    • 1 vacancy - Savannah, GA
    • 1 vacancy - Des Moines, IA
    • 1 vacancy - Chicago, IL
    • 1 vacancy - Indianapolis, IN
    • 1 vacancy - Lexington, KY
    • 1 vacancy - Boston, MA
    • 1 vacancy - Springfield, MA
    • 1 vacancy - Columbia, MD
    • 1 vacancy - Mankato, MN
    • 1 vacancy - Minneapolis, MN
    • 1 vacancy - Columbia, MO
    • 1 vacancy - Saint Louis, MO
    • 1 vacancy - Charlotte, NC
    • 1 vacancy - Raleigh, NC
    • 1 vacancy - Jamesburg, NJ
    • 1 vacancy - Albuquerque, NM
    • 1 vacancy - New York, NY
    • 1 vacancy - Cincinnati, OH
    • 1 vacancy - Columbus, OH
    • 1 vacancy - Oklahoma City, OK
    • 1 vacancy - San Juan, PR
    • 1 vacancy - Knoxville, TN
    • 1 vacancy - Memphis, TN
    • 1 vacancy - Nashville, TN
    • 1 vacancy - Austin, TX
    • 1 vacancy - Houston, TX
    • 1 vacancy - Salt Lake City, UT
    • 1 vacancy - Richmond, VA
    • 1 vacancy - Seattle, WA