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This Position Is No Longer Available

Agency:  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Job Announcement Number:  2013-HQ-B0713

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$51,032.00 to $87,196.00 / Per Year
Friday, July 12, 2013 to Friday, November 22, 2013
Excepted Service 2 year appointment with
potential conversion eligibility to a -
Competitive Service permanent appointment.
1 vacancy - Hoover, AL   View Map
1 vacancy - Phoenix, AZ   View Map
1 vacancy - Orange County, CA   View Map
1 vacancy - San Francisco, CA   View Map
1 vacancy - Denver, CO   View Map
More Locations  (35)
All United States Citizens who have graduated since December 27, 2010, or will graduate by June 15, 2014; and have completed a qualifying associates, bachelors, masters, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution.


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is one of the most respected regulatory agencies in America's financial community. Our mission is to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system by insuring deposits, examining and supervising financial institutions, and managing receiverships. The FDIC is ranked as the Number #1 Best Place to Work among medium-sized Federal Government agencies by the Partnership for Public Service, based on responses to a 2012 employee survey.

**This announcement has been amended to change the 3-day assessment process to occur during the week of January 13-18, 2014.**

The FDIC Pathways Recent Graduates Program is a program that targets individuals who have graduated since December 27, 2010, or will graduate by June 15, 2014, from qualifying educational institutions or programs. Successful applicants will be placed in a two-year developmental program. Throughout the program, you will participate in formal training, developmental job assignments and mentoring by an assigned coach to develop competencies applicable to the FDIC’s mission and needs.
Candidates selected for the Financial Institution Specialist position in the FDIC Corporate Employee Program will be assigned to an FDIC Field Office and participate in an intensive training program incorporating formal classroom training, self-study, and work assignments located at and outside of the employee's official duty station. Financial Institution Specialists must complete all training benchmarks and obtain a commission as a Financial Institution Examiner in Risk Management, Compliance or Resolutions and Receivership in order to be promoted to the CG-11 level. Specialists who do not complete these requirements within 4 years will be separated from employment.
The 2013 starting salary for most locations is $51,032, however, higher salaries are provided in locations with a higher than average cost of living or for applicants who have earned a higher salary in a related position. Generally, salary is set at the minimum shown. However, candidates who have earned more than the minimum rate for directly related work may request that the FDIC consider offering a higher rate within the pay range. Such requests may be made only after the candidate's selection for the position and will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the business needs of the Corporation and in consideration of the median earnings for current employees.


  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Subject to relocation to any duty location to meet management needs
  • Completion of Recent Graduates Participant Agreement
  • Very frequent overnight travel, up to 3 weeks per month (most locations)
  • MUST be available for required assessments Jan 13-18, 2014 in Arlington, VA
  • Subject to credit limitations -
    see "Other Information"


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Financial Institution Specialists perform developmental assignments and receive on-the-job and formal classroom training designed to provide practical experience in the risk management, consumer protection/compliance, resolutions and receiverships, and deposit insurance functions of the FDIC. 
Financial Institution Specialists assigned to the supervision function participate in the assessment of financial institutions to determine the existence of unsafe and unsound practices; violations of law and regulation; the adequacy of internal controls/procedures; the general character of management; and compliance with consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights laws and regulations, and the Community Reinvestment Act. These Financial Institution Specialists write comments and analyses for inclusion in examination reports and meet with insured depository institution officials to discuss the findings of an examination and, if necessary, any corrective programs.
Financial Institution Specialists assigned to the resolutions and receivership management function participate in planning and marketing for the sale of failed financial institutions and their assets; preparation of information packages and pro-forma statements; closing of failed institutions and determination of associated deposit insurance claims; oversight and management of failed institutions assets; investigation of potential receivership claims; and management of receiverships through termination. 


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Applicants may qualify based on education, work experience, or a combination of both, as defined below:
1. CG-7 Education-Based Qualifications Requirements: (Note: Applicants may substitute quarter or other credit hours equivalents for the semester hour requirements indicated.)
Candidates must meet one of the following basic qualifying requirements:
A. Has received since December 27, 2010, or will receive by June 15, 2014, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university that included the following: (a) completion of a major course of study in accounting, banking, business administration, commercial or banking law, economics, finance, marketing or other related fields; (b) completion of at least 24 semester hours of combined course work in business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, or economics that included at least 6 semester hours in accounting; and (c) fulfillment of one or more of the requirements listed below for Superior Academic Achievement (SAA).
Superior Academic Achievement (SAA):
To qualify for SAA, applicants must have met one of the following:
a. A grade-point average of "B" (a GPA of 2.95 or higher out of a possible 4.0) for all completed undergraduate courses, or those completed in the last two years of undergraduate study.
b. A grade-point average of "B+" (a GPA of 3.45 or higher out of a possible 4.0) for all courses in your major field of study, or those courses in your major completed in the last two years of undergraduate study.
c. Rank in the upper one-third of your class in the college, university or major subdivision.
d. Membership in a national honor society (other than freshman honor societies) recognized by the Association of College Honor Societies.
B. Has completed since December 27, 2010, or will complete by June 15, 2014, one academic year of graduate study at an accredited college or university in accounting, banking, business administration, commercial or banking law, economics, finance, marketing or other related fields. In addition, has completed or will complete by June 15, 2014, at least 24 semester hours of combined undergraduate and graduate course work at accredited colleges or universities in business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, or economics that included at least 6 semester hours in accounting.
2. CG-7 Experience-Based Qualification Requirements:
If the candidate did not complete an undergraduate or graduate major in accounting, banking, business administration, commercial or banking law, economics, finance, marketing, or other related field and/or at least 24 semester hours (or equivalent) of undergraduate and/or graduate course work in accounting, business administration, economics, finance, and marketing that included at least 6 semester hours (or equivalent) of course work in accounting, equivalent qualifying experience may be substituted for the major and some or all of the required course work. This qualifying experience must have provided the candidate with a thorough knowledge of and practical experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Work requiring a thorough knowledge and the application of commercial accounting or auditing principles and practices (but less than full professional accounting knowledge) with a financial institution.
  • Examining or auditing such financial institutions as savings and loan associations, savings or commercial banking institutions or trust companies, farm credit associations or Federal or State credit unions.
  • Professional accounting or auditing work that provided a broad knowledge of the application of accounting or auditing principles and practices.
  • Work that provided a thorough knowledge of Federal and State laws applicable to the type of financial institution involved (e.g., savings and loan associations, Bank for Cooperatives, savings and commercial banks, investment institutions, etc.), and of the operations and practices of such institutions.

3. CG-7 Combination of Education and Experience Based Qualification Requirements:
Combinations of successfully completed post-high school education and experience may be used to meet total qualification requirements for the CG-07 position.

All Recent Graduates are required to sign the Recent Graduates Program Participant Agreement.
Moderate Risk Position--Minimum Background Investigation (MBI) Required.


Your resume will be reviewed, including the online assessment questionnaire, to determine whether you meet the qualification requirements outlined in this announcement. Therefore, it is imperative that your resume contain sufficiently detailed information upon which to make the qualification determination. Please ensure that your resume contains specific information such as position titles, beginning and ending dates of employment for each position, average number of hours worked per week, duties performed, and if the position is/was in the Federal government, the position series and grade level. If you rate yourself higher on the questionnaire than what is supported by your resume, your overall qualifications assessment may be adversely affected. The highest-ranked candidates for each location may be invited to Arlington, VA to participate in a 3-day assessment process during the week of January 13-18, 2014 at the FDIC’s expense.  If invited, attendance will be required to receive further employment consideration.
To preview questions please click here.


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In addition to the regular benefits offered by Federal agencies, the FDIC offers additional benefits to its employees on a full-time work schedule. These benefits, some at minimal cost, are some of the best and most competitive in both the private and public sectors. To find out more, click here.
Relocation benefits may be provided in accordance with FDIC's General Travel Regulations. 


Selectees are expected to spend up to four years working in the duty location offered until the requirements are met to be commissioned as a bank examiner or resolutions and receivership specialist. Reassignment or transfer to a different duty location is highly unusual and will be made only in exceptional circumstances at the FDIC's complete discretion.
To read about your rights and responsibilities as an applicant for Federal employment, click here.
Additional selections may be made from this vacancy announcement to fill identical vacancies that occur subsequent to this announcement, as allowed by regulation.
If selected, you will be required to serve a two year trial period.
Financial Institution Specialists must maintain the highest personal ethical standards as provided in Part 336 of the FDIC’s Rules and Regulations (Employee Responsibilities and Conduct). Financial Institution Specialists must comply with Section 3201.102 of Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for FDIC Employees (5 CFR Part 3201), which, in part, prohibits them and their immediate families from accepting certain credit from State nonmember banks. All Financial Institution Specialists are prohibited from the following:  1. Obtaining a loan or a line of credit from any FDIC-insured state nonmember bank or its subsidiaries (either within or outside of the jurisdiction of the employee’s assigned field office) except a loan or line of credit secured by a primary residence issued under the same terms and conditions available to the public from an FDIC-insured state nonmember bank. Any extensions of credit held by the Specialist, the Specialist’s spouse, or any dependent children are extensions of credit to the Specialist. The Specialist must not participate in any examination of that institution which holds the primary residence loan, and a "cooling off" period may be required before negotiating a loan for a primary residence from any institution the Specialist has examined.  Financial Institution Specialists may obtain and hold a credit card account established under an open end consumer credit plan and issued by an FDIC-insured State non-member bank or its subsidiaries.  2. Participating in any examination, or other matter, involving an insured depository institution or any person with whom the Specialist has an outstanding loan or line of credit.  3. Performing any service for compensation with any bank, or for any officer, director, or employee thereof, or for any person connected therewith.  4. Disclosing any confidential information from a bank examination report except as authorized by law.  5. Soliciting or accepting any gift from a prohibited source or because of the Specialist’s official position.


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To begin, click the "Apply Online" button and follow the prompts to register and establish a USAJOBS account, complete the online assessment questionnaire, and submit all required documents. Please be sure to click "FINISH" to complete the application process. You must apply online. Applicants requesting an exception from the online process must contact the Human Resources Specialist or contact point listed in this announcement prior to 12:00 noon local time on Friday, November 22, 2013.  To return to your saved application, log in to your USAJOBS account and click on "Application Status." Click on the "Position Title," and then select "Apply Online" to continue. You have until 11:59 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the closing date of this announcement to complete the application process. Under this announcement, applicants will be considered in one of their top 5 location choices. 


In order to receive consideration for this position, you must submit the following documents by the closing date of this announcement in addition to answering the questions in the online assessment questionnaire:
  1. A resume that validates the answers you provided in the online application.
  2. A copy of your college transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable) demonstrating eligibility for the FDIC's Recent Graduates Program. Education must be from an accredited institution. For a listing of accredited educational institutions, click here. An official transcript will be required if you are selected.

If you are qualifying based on education you must submit your college transcripts (an unofficial transcript is acceptable) by the closing date of the announcement.
If you have already graduated, transcripts must document that all of the educational requirements for this position have been met by the closing date of the announcement.
If you are scheduled to graduate by June 15, 2014, transcripts must document all education completed toward the qualification requirements.
An official transcript will be required if you are selected to demonstrate that all education requirements have been met prior to appointment. Education must be from accredited institutions. For a listing of accredited educational institutions, click here.
If you are claiming veterans' preference, click here. (Note: Veterans should submit the Member 4 copy of the DD 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty - or other copy showing the type of discharge/character of service [e.g., Honorable, Under Honorable Conditions, etc.] along with any other required documents.) Preference eligible veterans who were precluded from applying due to a military service obligation may have extended time after graduation to apply for Recent Graduate opportunities.


Phone: 703-562-2207
Fax: 000-000-0000
TDD: 1-800-925-4618
Agency Information:
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Human Resources Service Center
3501 Fairfax Drive
VASQ - Room: D3083
Arlington, VA
Fax: 000-000-0000


Thank you for your interest in working for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. You may check the status of your application on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through USAJOBS by signing in and selecting "Application Status."

Additional Duty Location Info

1 vacancy - Hoover, AL View Map
1 vacancy - Phoenix, AZ View Map
1 vacancy - Orange County, CA View Map
1 vacancy - San Francisco, CA View Map
1 vacancy - Denver, CO View Map
1 vacancy - Hartford, CT View Map
1 vacancy - Wilmington, DE View Map
1 vacancy - Fort Lauderdale, FL View Map
1 vacancy - Pensacola, FL View Map
1 vacancy - Tampa, FL View Map
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1 vacancy - Savannah, GA View Map
1 vacancy - Des Moines, IA View Map
1 vacancy - Chicago, IL View Map
1 vacancy - Indianapolis, IN View Map
1 vacancy - Lexington, KY View Map
1 vacancy - Boston, MA View Map
1 vacancy - Springfield, MA View Map
1 vacancy - Columbia, MD View Map
1 vacancy - Mankato, MN View Map
1 vacancy - Minneapolis, MN View Map
1 vacancy - Columbia, MO View Map
1 vacancy - Saint Louis, MO View Map
1 vacancy - Charlotte, NC View Map
1 vacancy - Raleigh, NC View Map
1 vacancy - Jamesburg, NJ View Map
1 vacancy - Albuquerque, NM View Map
1 vacancy - New York, NY View Map
1 vacancy - Cincinnati, OH View Map
1 vacancy - Columbus, OH View Map
1 vacancy - Oklahoma City, OK View Map
1 vacancy - San Juan, PR View Map
1 vacancy - Knoxville, TN View Map
1 vacancy - Memphis, TN View Map
1 vacancy - Nashville, TN View Map
1 vacancy - Austin, TX View Map
1 vacancy - Houston, TX View Map
1 vacancy - Salt Lake City, UT View Map
1 vacancy - Richmond, VA View Map
1 vacancy - Seattle, WA View Map

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