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Job Title:Intelligence Operations Specialist

Department:Department of the Air Force

Agency:Air National Guard Units (Title 32)

Job Announcement Number:13-180 925436

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$57,408.00 to $74,628.00 / Per Year


Friday, July 12, 2013 to Tuesday, August 13, 2013




Full Time - Indefinite


1 vacancy in the following location:
Boise, ID United StatesView Map


Current members of the Idaho Air National Guard or those eligible to become a member





Intelligence Operations Specialist

Boise, Idaho

Appointment Type: Indefinite


PD #:D1652P01


Series/Grade: GS-0132-11/11

Salary Range: $57,408.00-$74,628.00


*Candidates must possess and maintain a Top Secret Security Clearance*

*PCS is not authorized*


MEMBERSHIP IN THE AIR NATIONAL GUARD IS REQUIRED:  This is an Excepted Service position that requires membership in the Idaho Air National Guard as a condition of employment.  Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform.  Acceptance of an Excepted Service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.  Loss of military membership will result in immediate loss of your full-time military technician position.



Current members of the Idaho Air National Guard or those eligible to become a member. 


Application materials must be received by Tuesday, August 13, 2013Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position. Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations section to understand the requirements. 



  • Military requirement: Enlisted up to E-6
  • AFSC: 1N05X or 1N07X


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The primary purpose of the position is to perform specialized analysis duties as a Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) crewmember and to train assigned military unit members in the duties and functions associated with multi-intelligence (multi-INT) Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TPED) activities.  Provides real-time TPED support to National Agencies, Joint Commands, Air Force Major Commands (MAJCOMs), Air Operations Centers (AOCs), and US and coalition airborne assets in exercises and contingency operations.  Ensures real- and near-real-time multi-INT reporting and analysis by all exploitation sections.




(1) Serves as a ISR unit crewmember in the multi-INT exploitation section, responsible for multi-INT operations and production affecting time critical targeting (TCT), direct threat warning, battle damage assessment, combat identification, combat search and rescue, multi-INT correlation, threat analysis, mapping, intelligence preparation of the battlespace, situation monitoring, and mission reporting.  Provides multi-INT correlation of data from multiple ISR platforms and intelligence products. Requests dynamic sensor retasking in order to exploit time critical information not originally entered into the collection plan.  Assesses the data and provides cross-sensor cueing/tips-offs to other platforms and exploitation sections improving multi-INT correlation.  Updates Air Force ISR unit components and C4I nodes on findings.


(2) Conducts analysis activities and operations from data derived from manned, unmanned, and other operational assets in support of National Agencies, Joint Commands, Air Force MAJCOMs, and AOCs contingencies and exercises. Participates in pre-mission conferences to outline mission objectives, potential threats, and possible outcomes.  Provides detailed threat analysis for mission planning and pre-mission briefings to the Mission Planning Cell (MPC).  Performs targeting duties assigned by the ISR unit crew commander in response to planned and unplanned mission taskings. 


(3) Prepares post-mission reports from analysis of target data for general intelligence and operational community consumption.  Prepares and evaluates finished reports relative to target actions, subject to supervisory review. Briefs analysis findings and estimates to superiors and mission planners.  Publishes finished reports and documents for use by decision-makers in the squadron, AOC, Air Force MAJCOMs, Joint Commands, and the National Agencies.  Researches, analyzes and plans exploitation activities in preparation for operational missions.  Utilizes allotted resources for operations and analysis activities.  Communicates with other intelligence departments and agencies to share data and techniques, findings, and planning for future operations.


(4) Geospatial (GI&S) Program Manager for the unit.  Creates and updates the unit’s classified and unclassified intelligence reference libraries in accordance with supervisor, ANG, MAJCOM, and Air Force instructions.  Manages the Intelligence Mobility Program to guarantee all crewmembers and equipment is properly prepared for worldwide tasking and deployments. Provides recommendations to the Unit Mobility Officer with intelligence information concerning the deployment location and advises on special security requirements for deploying sensitive material and equipment.  Ensures intelligence Unit Type Codes (UTCs) are properly reported to higher headquarters through the Aerospace Expeditionary Force (AEF) Reporting Tool (ART) and Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS).  Creates and conducts pre-deployment spin-up training for deploying crewmembers assigned to AEF and Outside of the Continental United States (OCONUS) deployments.  Procures and maintains required intelligence equipment and publications for home station and deployed operations.  Writes applicable portions of the Unit Mobility Plan.


(5) Works with other crewmembers to ensure the multi-INT exploitation section maintains a capability to provide timely and accurate operational intelligence support and fully trained intelligence personnel during peacetime and contingency operations.  Coordinates with the Gaining Command on operational intelligence elements needed to carry out coordination and liaison with counterparts and colleagues in such other major command intelligence organizations as Air Combat Command (ACC), Air National Guard Bureau Headquarters (NGB), United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE), Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) and such other governmental agencies as Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), National Security Agency (NSA), U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM), Air Intelligence Agency (AIA), U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Incumbent represents the organization at interagency conferences and meetings that deal with specialty functions and internal training requirements at the unit level.


(6) To enhance the ISR unit crew’s mission readiness, the incumbent maintains a thorough knowledge of all aspects of internal multi-INT training.  Represents the unit in making agreements and commitments within the assigned scope of his/her functional specialty.  Provides guidance and assistance to unit and Gaining Command Intelligence specialists and serves to coordinate on projects jointly undertaken by the unit, Gaining Command, and other organizations.


(7) Coordinates multi-INT training requirements with Gaining Command Intelligence Section.  Plans and develops objectives and work schedules for training assigned intelligence personnel during Unit Training Assemblies (UTA), Annual Training (AT), and unit deployments.  Identifies training requirements and conducts or organizes training courses for intelligence personnel on multi-INT related subjects.  Subject Matter Expert (SME), trainer, and task certifier for all multi-INT Initial Qualification Training (IQT), Mission Qualification Training (MQT), and Continuation Training (CT).  Upon compiling the training requirements, incumbent works with the supervisor and Unit Training Manager to identify shortfalls and develop plans to correct them.


(8) Performs other duties as assigned.




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Work involves the collection, analysis, development, protection and dissemination of intelligence information which directly or indirectly affects the national security.Experience, education, or training which demonstrates  administrative, professional, investigative, or technical work requiring the ability to deal effectively with others, to collect, evaluate and organize pertinent facts.  Experience preparing clear and concise written reports.





No special education requirements are required for this position.


Must have at least 36 months experience, education or training developing and recommending policy, organizing and carrying out specific programs, evaluating and recommending changes in methods of intelligence operations.  Experience in administrative, investigative, or technical work which required the applicant to deal effectively with others.  Experience collecting, evaluating and organizing pertinent facts and to analyze and prepare clear and concise reports. Experience as a Combat Mission Ready (CMR) or Basic Mission Capable (BMC) A-10 Intelligence Analyst IAW AFI-14-2A-10 Volume 1.





A maximum of 12 months of the required experience may be substituted by successful completion of undergraduate study in an accredited college or university at the rate of 30 semester hours for 12 months of experience.  The education must have been in fields directly related to the type of work of the position.




Idaho National Guard Mission Statement:

The incredible versatility of the National Guard enables its troops to respond to domestic emergencies, combat missions, counter drug efforts, reconstruction missions and more—all with equal speed, strength and efficiency.

Whether the call is coming from the Governor of the State of Idaho or directly from the President of the United States, Guard Soldiers and Airman are always ready and always there.


Selectee will be required to participate in the Direct Deposit Funds Transfer Program. 


This is a dual-status position and membership in the Idaho Air National Guard is required.  By submitting this application you are affirming to the validity of the information you have provided.


All male applicants born after 31 December 1959 will be required to furnish a statement of Selective Service registration status prior to appointment. (5 U.S.C. 3328)


Acceptance of any military technician position over 179 days will cause termination of entitlement and eligibility for all bonuses and student loan repayments effective the date of employment.  This does not affect the Montgomery GI Bill eligibility.  Payments of Selected Reserve reenlistment bonuses authorized in section 308b of title 37, United States Code, to Military Technicians (Dual Status) who become eligible for reenlistment while serving on active duty in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation New Dawn (in theater) are excluded from repayment.  Acceptance of any military technician position may affect your incentive bonus.  Check with your incentives manager to see if this applies to the incentive you received.


Applicants who feel they have reinstatement/restoration/re-promotion rights to this grade and position should contact the Human Resources Office.


The Idaho National Guard is an Equal Opportunity employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical handicap or age which does not interfere with job accomplishment or National Guard membership. Veteran's Preference does not apply to any National Guard position.



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To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package, which includes all of the following parts:

1.  Your Resume or OF 612

2.  Explanation of Specialized experience

3.  Other documents specified in the Required Documents section, if any are listed

4.  SF 181 (optional)  This form is needed for historical purposes only.


The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (MST) on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.


We are currently not accepting on-line applications.  Please use the following information to submit your application:


- By Mail or Hand Deliver to:

  Idaho National Guard

  Human Resource Office/Staffing

  4794 Gen Manning Ave,  Bldg 442

  Boise, Idaho   83705-8112


- Email or Fax requires prior approval from the HR Staffing Specialist for each application submitted.


Important information regarding completion and submission of your Application Package:

- Applicants must type or print in legible dark ink, sign and date each application package.


Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position.


- Current Resume or OF 612


- Personnel records Review (RIP) (available at the MPF)


- DD Form 214s (if applicable) (Current technicians disregard)


- Current medical forms

   1. Physical Profile Serial Report (AF Form 422)

   2. Duty Limiting Conditions Report (if applicable) (AF Form 469)


- Transcript (If using education to substitute for experience, you must submit a transcript)


- Job related certificates and licenses (Optional) - current only.


Phone: (208)422-3343
Agency Information:
Idaho National Guard
ATTN Staffing Specialist
4794 Farman St Bldg 442
Boise, ID


After the position closing date, your application will be reviewed in full.  If qualified your application will be forwarded to the hiring official.  If further evaluation or interview are required you will be contacted.

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13-180 925436

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