Job Overview


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The U.S. Department of Justice is the principal federal agency charged with enforcing federally protected civil and constitutional rights. The Civil Rights Division (Division) is primarily responsible for enforcing federal statutes and executive orders that prohibit, among other things, unlawful discrimination in education, employment, housing, police services, public accommodations and facilities, voting, and federally funded and conducted programs. The laws that the Division enforces also prohibit conduct by law enforcement agencies, as well as conditions in public residential institutions, such as health care and correctional facilities, that violate the constitution. The Policy and Strategy Section (Section) in supporting and coordinating the policy work of the Division and providing a focal point for proactive policy development and legislative proposals. These include the development and analysis of policy matters relating to the Division's enforcement authority and the pursuit of legislative and regulatory priorities. The Section also reports on the policy and enforcement initiatives of the Division by convening roundtables and conferences and preparing ongoing analyses and assessments that are memorialized and disseminated in reports and strategy documents. Selection is subject to budgetary consideration. If an external applicant is tentatively identified for this position, an exception to the Department-wide hiring freeze must be received before an offer can be made. No exemption is required if an internal applicant is tentatively identified for the position.

Division offices are near the Metro transportation system or other public transportation, and are conveniently accessible to restaurants, museums and other Washington, D.C. area attractions. Most jobs in the Division offer alternative work schedules and other family friendly opportunities. Most employees who commute by public transportation are eligible for a transit subsidy benefit.


As Chief, the successful candidate will direct the activities of the Section by overseeing a staff of attorneys, a policy analyst and a legal support employee who are responsible for advising the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights on a variety of legal matters concerning civil rights issues, and assisting in the development of the Division's position on legislation, initiatives and other matters of interest to the component. The Section is responsible for a wide range of special projects and is the Division's point of contact and/or coordinator for a variety of crosscutting issues relating to Congressional inquiries, legislative initiatives, the development of regulations and policies, and strategic planning.

Consult and advise the Assistant Attorney General (AAG) for Civil Rights, and Deputy Assistant Attorneys General (DAAGs), and other Department of Justice officials with respect to all matters that fall within the purview of the Section. Advise and consult with the AAG and DAAGs on policy issues, including strategic priorities for the Division, legislative initiatives to advance civil rights goals, and communications with civil rights stakeholders. Report on the status of all matters within his/her Section. Prepare advice with proper regard for timeliness and base advice on extensive research, pertinent factual and legal analysis, appropriate staff work, recommendations from interested federal agencies, and due regard for considerations of justice as well as the needs and concerns of client agencies and their programs. Serve on request as a liaison between the Division and the civil rights offices of other agencies. Provide current, relevant information and opportunities for agencies to respond to civil rights matters affecting them. Serve as a liaison between the Division and its stakeholders, soliciting input on policy and enforcement priorities and communicating about Division accomplishments. Plan, supervise, administer, and review the work performed by attorneys, professional and legal support personnel. Exercise leadership of programs and motivates employees to incorporate vision, strategic planning, and elements of quality management into the full range of the Section's activities. Encourage creative thinking and innovation and influence others toward implementing new or cutting-edge programs and processes. Perform the administrative and human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised.