Job Overview


The NIH is the premier biomedical research center for the world. Its 27 Institutes and Centers employ approximately 18,000 employees doing a vast array of jobs, all supporting efforts for a healthy nation. For information on the NIH mission, goals, and Institutes and Centers, visitNIH Overview

This position is located in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Office of the Director (OD), Office of Science Management and Operations (OSMO), Office of Workforce Effectiveness and Resources (OWER), Workforce Management Branch (WMB), in Bethesda, MD. This Branch assists senior managers in the areas of workforce planning, competency development, and employment outreach to enhance overall organizational capability and talent development. You will serve as a member of the Workforce Planning and Competency Management team.


If you are selected for this position, you will:

  • Provide expert advice and guidance to the Chief, WMB, as well as NIAID managers with regard to strategic human capital planning.  Actively participate in developing and evaluating annual and long-range NIAID workforce plans and related business and operational planning documents for integration with the overall NIAID strategic planning process. 
  • Serve as task lead and/or project officer on contracts providing support regarding NIAID's workforce planning and competency development programs.
  • Research, analyze, and prepare detailed analyses and recommendations addressing human capital utilization.  Such analyses include analysis of trends, requirements and projections, including programs at risk; impact of administrative restructuring, cost-comparison or consolidation initiatives; regulatory and/or program developments; and projected growth in needs for services.
  • Research and analyze programmatic data and reports on accomplishments, plans, trends, and opportunities, which are then presented to higher level Institute management.
  • Advise and provide support to senior level management on the distribution of work among positions, recruitment and retention strategies, and the appropriate staffing levels and skills mix.
  • Serve as a team leader on teams and task groups conducting special projects of concern to senior management with particular emphasis on workforce issues, especially those related to assessment and planning activities.
  • Develop comprehensive workforce planning reports that identify workforce skills vital to the accomplishment of the Institute's goals and objectives and that address issues such as recruitment, training, and retention strategies to ensure a quality and diverse workforce, expected skill imbalances due to attrition, and retirements.