Job Overview


The position is located in the Office of Audit (OA) which is a major operating component of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). The Office of Inspector General was created legislatively for the purpose of improving government operations and programs. The Office of Audit assists in carrying out this mission by performing various types of audits.

The incumbent serves as Senior Auditor who functions as the Auditor-in-Charge on small assignments and as an audit team member on larger or more complex assignments at the headquarters level of the RRB. Prepares or assists in the preparation of audit programs. Based on the written audit program, performs work in the following areas: audit entrance and exit conferences; data gathering, analysis, and summarization; working paper preparation; and audit program revisions.

Who May Apply: All US Citizens

  • Do you have experience developing individual audit surveys and programs?
  • Have you completed data analysis and summarization as part of an audit team?
  • Do you have experience in gathering and assembling financial and statistical information?
  • Do you have experience preparing and/or reviewing audit reports?


The incumbent will:

  • Prepare or assist in the preparation of individual audit surveys and programs.
  • Gather data, perform analysis and perform other activities to assist in long range planning.
  • Analyze data gathered through reasoning, computations, comparisons and data separations.
  • Provide direction to one or more auditors assigned to assist the incumbent in an audit.
  • Ensure that all audit work meets the requirements of the generally accepted government auditing standards.
  • Prepare reports that are written in a way which findings support recommendations, support overall report conclusions and that conclusions correspond to objectives.