Job Overview


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a leader in funding science, engineering and education in the United States. The NSF Academy is seeking talented individuals to work as Personnel Psychologists in Arlington, VA (DC Metro area). The NSF Academy is involved in individual and organizational assessment and individual and organizational development. In this role, you will serve as an internal consultant designing and delivering a wide range of products and services to increase the effectiveness of this unique Federal Agency.

The NSF Academy at the National Science Foundation is accepting applications and resumes for a Personnel Psychologist position with responsibilities in the areas of individual and organizational assessment and individual and organizational development. We are looking for individuals who have advanced education and experience in areas of industrial/organizational psychology who also have a strong work ethic, excellent oral and written communication skills, platform/presentation skills, excellent analytical ability and problem solving skills, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work in a team environment.


The major duties of this position include projects and services in areas such as: Individual Assessment including development of selection tools, performance plans, benchmarks and rating guides, 360 degree surveys, competency modeling and competency gap analysis, writing assessments, etc.; Organizational Assessment including development and/or administration and interpretation of culture and climate surveys, conducting focus groups and discussions with individuals; Individual Development including leadership coaching, developing learning maps, creating and conducting courses and workshops for leadership and employee development, etc; and Organizational Development interventions and activities such as facilitating strategic planning, assisting organizations with change implementation, conflict management, team building, etc. You will also be involved in leadership selection processes and programs; coaching and mentoring programs; and providing a comprehensive training curriculum for the agency.