Job Overview


The mission of IMLS is to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement. We provide leadership through research, policy development, and grant making. 

The mission of IMLS is to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement. We provide leadership through research, policy development, and grant making.  This position is responsible for grants management work, within Office of Museum Services.  Servicing Federal grants and cooperative agreements and provides grants-related assistance and services to both applicants and grantees.  One in this position is responsible for various phases of the receipt and processing of museum grant applications as well as the monitoring and assessing of awardee performance.

One in this position will be providing a variety of technical and procedural support for incoming grant applications.  In addition, one may be responsible for primary or secondary review for eligibility and completeness, budget review and analysis, and associated applicant contacts. This position is also accountable for utilizing a variety of software and applications (e.g.,, AAMS, etc.) necessary to update and maintain databases, spreadsheets, and other official documents in support of application and Program Specialist activities.   One will have responsibility in entering, verifying, and validating data in the official system of record in order to provide cyclical and/or ad-hoc reporting efforts.  This position is also required to serve as a principal point of contact for external stakeholders providing technical guidance to applicants and awardees regarding grant programs and processes.  This position also has responsibility in researching various program elements and presenting an analysis of results for specific grants.  

The incumbent of this position is also required to support the Office of Museum Services in a variety of independent and collaborative administrative responsibilities.  One will assist with review process, including mailings, reviewer support activities, preparation for panel meetings, and other elements of the review and award process.  This position will provide some formal review of interim and final performance reports and provide feedback to internal and external stakeholders as required. This position may have final signature authority on certain steps within the general business process.   Operationally, this position will support the work of the Office of Museum Services and its staff through cooperation with others to manage variable workloads and assistance with a variety of tasks including general clerical support.

This position also supports the office in a multitude of customer service and liaison services.  One may prepare letters and associated documents supporting change requests and extensions for approval.  While serving as a contributor to the immediate office, this party will participate in staff meetings, special committees, and task forces.  In addition, this principal will support the office with various change management and process improvement gap identification and mitigation improvements to implement in an effort to increase efficiencies and productivity in agency operations.  One may also lead in the formal development of a wide variety of recurrent and nonrecurring correspondence, reports, and other documents for internal and external stakeholders and various levels of authority and influence. As a key principal in providing direct customer support, this position is charged with resolving customer complaints and/or inquiries according to the official standard operating procedures.  One will also review and process incoming and outgoing correspondence, materials, and publications; assist with panel meetings and director’s meetings; and including preparation of support materials.  Performs other related duties, as assigned.


The incumbent serves as a Program Specialist in the Office of Museum Services, in the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The incumbent assists in the processing of grant applications and in grants administration; manages one or more significant aspects of grant administration; and provides significant program support to Program Officers within the division.  Reviews significant aspects of applications processing, including review for eligibility and completeness, financial and budget review, reviewer assignment, and applicant contact.  Performs one or more significant aspects of grants management activities, including report monitoring and review and grant closeout.  Performs one or more significant aspects of program support, including guidelines review, revision, and production, and program review and improvement.  Assumes significant responsibility for managing the IMLS grant files, including paper files and electronic databases, including training and monitoring work of other staff as appropriate.  Undertakes research concerning the status of program elements and supplies information and analysis for specific grants to the supervisor as needed.  Participates in staff meetings to discuss problems in program design and implementation, and assists in planning for an implementing program changes and improvements.  Supports program work through cooperation with other staff to manage a variable workload, perform a variety of tasks needed to accomplish the work, and meet deadlines.