Job Overview


Unlock secrets in deep oceans, track rapidly moving storms, operate state-of-the-art environmental satellites, chart the Nation's waterways, formulate models to forecast climate trends, protect and preserve our living marine's all in a day's work at the NOAA!  Join a dedicated workforce committed to a vital mission: safeguarding the public, protecting natural resources, strengthening the economy. A career that makes a world of difference!

This position is located in the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), National Weather Service (NWS). The Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) improves numerical weather, marine and climate predictions at NCEP through a broad program of research in data assimilation and modeling.

This position requires a broad understanding of science including observations, computing, modeling and their applications for a large spectrum of activities including climate, ocean, and weather prediction from small to global scales. The incumbent adapts research results to Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and other techniques which are relevant for operational forecasting.


As Director of the Environmental Modeling Center (EMC), the incumbent has full responsibility for the discharge of the following essential organizational functions:

1. Advises the Director, National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) as to the suitability of new products for operational implementation. Publishes research results in various media for widespread dissemination to the world meteorological community.

2. Ensures effective interactions between modelers, applications developers, forecasters and users; NCEP and the national university/research community; NCEP and other U.S. Government Agencies; NCEP and the international research community.

3. Exercises scientific-administrative management of the NCEP’s research and development effort, providing technical and executive leadership on a wide range of subjects in meteorologic and oceanographic analysis and prediction.

4. Advises, coordinates, and integrates EMCs efforts to ensure that they are in harmony with NCEP’s operations, policies, and commitments as well as the Federal Plan for meteorologic research.

5. Assimilates planned changes, long-term trends, guidance requirements, advances in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) technology automated procedures, and changes in personnel or organizational structure.

6. Oversees all proposals by NCEP scientists regarding financial support from outside the NWS, for the final clearance of scientific manuscripts for external publication and for the management of the NCEP-University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Visiting Scientist Program.

7. Judges the correctness, significance and practical value of research results and approves their publication and/or adoption concerning EMC matters, or, in conjunction with the Director, NCEP when major changes in the Center’s operations are involved.

8. Evaluate and promote the scientific development, progress and methods of individual researchers; recommend personnel for promotion, recognition and training. Promotes the scientific development of NCEP personnel.

9. Represents the Director, NCEP, as a member, alternate, or advisor to higher officials on committees, ad-hoc planning and program panels, and other functions of EMC and its national or international role.