Job Overview


The mission of the Office of Fossil Energy is to ensure that we can continue to rely on clean, affordable energy from our traditional fuel resources.  Fossil Fuels supply 85% of the nation’s energy, and we are working on such priority projects as pollution-free coal plants, more productive oil and gas fields, and the continuing readiness of federal emergency oil stockpiles. 

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy is seeking a motivated and highly-qualified candidate for an exciting full-time permanent position in the Office of Clean Coal, Office of Clean Energy Systems, Division of Advanced Energy Systems in Washington, DC.

A successful candidate in this position will:

  • Serve as Headquarters Program Manager for the Advanced Combustion Program.
  • Solve technical issues and support critical research needs to generate clean and near-zero-emission power from coal.
  • Oversee the development of oxy-combustion, solid oxide fuel cell, and chemical looping technologies. 
  • Have delegated authority on program decisions to include the content of program plans, key activities budget formulation, external and internal outreach strategy, program guidance and formulation with the Field Office Technology Manager.


As the Headquarters Program Manager for the Advanced Combustion Program, you will:   

  • Oversee the development of oxy-combustion, solid oxide fuel cell, and chemical looping technologies.
  • Serve as decision authority in the Advanced Combustion program area, including CO2 capture technologies: oxy-combustion, fuel cell, and chemical looping.
  • Formulate, justifies, and defends program budgets.
  • Develop program outlays and maintains up-to-date information concerning the Program for internal budget briefings.
  • Serve as a representative on scientific and technical committees as well as task forces and teams, associated with projects and activities of advanced combustion technologies (oxy-combustion, solid oxide fuel cell, and chemical looping).
  • Prepare formal and informal responses to inquiries and requests from departmental, administration, Congressional, and state officials.
  • Serve as technical and management consultant to Technology Project Managers and related project groups.