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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Lineman (Electric Power)
Department:  Department Of Energy
Agency:  Southwestern Power Administration
Job Announcement Number:  SWPA-13-MP-0006

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$32.42 to $32.42 / Per Hour
Monday, June 24, 2013 to Thursday, October 8, 2015
Full-time - Permanent
few vacancies in the following location:
Jonesboro, AR, USView Map
  • Current Department of Energy Federal employee with competitive status
  • Former Federal employees with reinstatement eligibility
  • CTAP/ICTAP eligibles
  • Veterans with VOW, VEOA or VRA eligibility
  • Those eligible under an OPM interchange agreement or special appointing authority


Southwestern Power Administration offers career opportunities in the highly energized electric utility industry.  We market federally produced hydropower from 24 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers multipurpose dams in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

We operate and maintain 1,380 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, substations and a communications system that includes microwave, VHF radio, and state of the art fiber optics.  Our offices are located in Gore, Oklahoma, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Springfield, Missouri, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A successful candidate in this position will individually, or with the assistance of other linemen, line equipment operators, and equipment operators, perform maintenance and construction work in the erection and repair of high-voltage transmission power lines and related equipment.


  • Have and maintain a Class A Commercial Driver's License.
  • Subject to initial and random drug testing.
  • Pre-employment physical examination may be required.
  • This position may require frequent overnight travel.


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As a Journeyman Lineman you will:

  • Erect power lines consisting of supporting structures, conductors, insulators, and auxiliary equipment.
  • Replace or install poles, cross arms, insulators, line hardware, guys and anchors, overhead ground wire, braces, dampers, lightning arrestors, transformers, bird wire, and other auxiliary substation equipment.
  • String conductors from structure to structure, clamping or tying to insulators, with or without armor rod, in such a manner as to maintain proper sag.  Splices wire or conductor when broken and reinstalls.
  • Operate and/or uses and maintains all types of equipment and tools.
  • Work on energized lines (up to 161-kV) requiring the use of safety devices such as hot line tools, rubber gloves, mats, etc.
  • Investigate, as requested, transmission line equipment failures/interruptions, diagnosing problems and determining possible remedies (troubleshooting).

Physical Demands:  The work requires physical exertion such as heavy lifting and carrying (over 100 pounds) over rough terrain, i.e., one end of an assembled 34-foot cross arm or a string of suspension insulators.  Frequent pulling and or pushing, often from awkward positions, i.e., dinging and un-dinging suspension insulators while in hooks, requiring the use of both legs; climbing wooden poles using climbers and steel towers with steps or step bolts while wearing gear weighing approximately 35 pounds, requiring the use of both legs; frequent use of hands and fingers requiring the use of both hands and all fingers; moderate walking over rough terrain, stooping and kneeling, and standing for long periods.

Working Conditions:  The work environment involves high risks with exposure to potentially dangerous situations or unusual environmental stress such as working on energized high-voltage electrical power transmission equipment (.001 volts to 161,000 volts as general criteria); extreme outdoor weather conditions; emergency situations at all hours of the day and any day; and potential exposure to poison ivy, poison oak and poisonous snakes.  The employee must apply a wide range of safety precautions. 


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A qualified candidate's online application and resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level in the Federal service.  Specialized experience for this position is defined as:

  1. Erect and maintain power lines consisting of supporting structures, conductors, insulators, and auxiliary equipment.
  2. Stringing conductors from structure to structure, clamping or tying insulators, and maintaining proper sag.
  3. Operate and maintain all types of equipment and tools used in the utility trade.
  4. Work on energized lines up to 161-kV requiring the use of safety devices.

EDUCATION:  For this position, education cannot be substituted for experience.


  • If you are tentatively selected for this position, you may be required to have a physical examination that will determine whether you are qualified to perform the duties of the position.  An offer of employment will depend upon your successfully passing the physical examination.
  • This position requires completion of an annual medical examination at Federal expense.
  • You will be subject to random drug/alcohol testing. 
  • This position may require frequent overnight travel.
  • This position is subject to overtime work.
  • You must have a valid Class A Commercial Drivers License without restrictions (except for corrective lenses)to operate vehicles of more than 26,000 pounds GVWR.


Your application and resume should demonstrate that you possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).  Do not provide a separate narrative written statement.  Rather, you must describe in your application how your past work experience demonstrates that you possess the KSAs identified below.  Cite specific examples of employment or experience contained in your resume and describe how the experience has prepared you to successfully perform the duties of this position DO NOT write "see resume" in your application!

  1. Ability to perform the duties of a Lineman (Electric Power) without more than normal supervision (Screen-out element).*
  2. Ability to perform electrical line construction, installation, and maintenance.
  3. Knowledge of electrical theory and instruments used in high-voltage electrical practices and ability to do electrical power system troubleshooting.
  4. Ability to work at heights with dexterity and safety.
  5. Ability to use and maintain tools and instruments of the trade.
  6. Knowledge of technical practices of a Lineman. 

*Screen-out element:  to be considered for this position, you must have demonstrated in your application that you have the critical knowledge and experience necessary to perform the duties of Lineman (Electric Power) with normal supervision.

You must meet all qualifications and eligibility requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

To preview questions please click here.


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Relocation Incentives may be available.

The Department of Energy offers comprehensive and competitive benefits. You may be eligible for some or all of the following:

  • Health, life, dental, vision, and long-term care insurance
  • Retirement program
  • Paid holiday, sick, and vacation time
  • Training and education opportunities
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Thrift Savings Plan (401k equivalent)
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Worklife4You Resource

For more information on these benefits, see the USAJOBS Resource Center's Interactive Benefits Page.


Other information

  • The U.S. Department of Energy fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit the links at the bottom of this page or visit the FedsHireVets website.
  • If you believe that you are eligible for the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP), please visit the OPM ICTAP/CTAP website for more information. In order to be considered under the ICTAP program, your application must score within the pre-established "well qualified" category as stated in the Qualifications section.
  • More than one selection may be made from this vacancy announcement.
  • Some positions may require completion of a probationary period or a background investigation.
  • All males must abide by laws regarding Selective Service registration. To learn more about this law, visit the Selective Service web page, Who Must Register.


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To be considered for this position, you must submit a complete application no later than 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on the closing date of this announcement. If you fail to submit a complete application prior to the closing time (regardless of when you started) the application system will not allow you to finish. Requests for extensions will not be granted, so please begin the application process allowing yourself enough time to finish before the deadline. Our application system displays a countdown timer in the top-left corner of the screen for your reference.

Steps to submit a complete application:

  1. You must have a USAJOBS account and be logged in.
  2. You must have a completed resume. (Please note that some DOE offices do not accept uploaded resumes and require that you have a completed resume within your USAJOBS profile using the Resume Builder).
  3. Once you are logged in and all of your application materials ready, click the 'Apply Now' button.
  4. You must respond to all applicant assessment questions, carefully following all instructions provided.
  5. You will then be asked to upload additional supporting documentation, which may include (but is not limited to) transcripts, portfolio samples, certifications, and verification of veteran status.
  6. IMPORTANT: In the final step of the application process you will be shown a copy of your resume and all the information you entered during the application process. You must click the 'Finish' button at the bottom of this final page and receive confirmation that your application has been received. If you do not click 'Finish', your application will not be received.

If your resume does not support the responses in your application questionnaire, or if you fail to submit required documentation before the vacancy closes, you may be rated 'ineligible', 'not qualified', or your score may be adjusted accordingly.

This vacancy is being concurrently advertised under Delegated Examining (DE) procedure as announcement #SWPA-13-DE-0003. You must apply to the vacancy for which you wish to receive consideration. If you wish to be considered for this position under both DE and MP procedures, you must apply to both announcements.


  • If you experience any difficulties with the application process (anything after you have clicked the Apply Now button), please contact the HR Specialist listed on this announcement between normal business hours.
  • If you are having trouble with USAJOBS (searching for jobs, account profile issues, or Resume Builder help, please visit the USAJOBS Resource Center or e-mail


Please carefully review the following list to determine what documentation you need to submit. Some documents may not apply to all applicants.

If you are unsure, click the link for each document type to read more.

  • ALL APPLICANTS: Resume supporting your specialized experience and responses to the online questionnaire.
  • Applicants using education to qualify (if allowed): Documentation verifying your educational claims which can include unofficial transcripts or any report listing institution, course title, credits earned and grade. Education cannot be substituted for experience in some positions at higher grade levels. Please see the Education section for more information.
  • Veterans: veteran eligibility documentation (DD-214, VA Letter, Standard Form (SF) 15 as applicable). Please note: If you are a veteran who has not yet been discharged, you may provide a statement of intent to discharge from your agency to receive Veterans Preference under the VOW (Veterans Opportunity to Work) to Hire Heroes Act of 2011.
  • Persons with Disabilities: Individuals with intellectual disabilities, severe physical disabilities, or psychiatric disabilities may apply for appointment through the Schedule A hiring authority. Certified verification of a disability from a licensed medical professional; a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist; or any Federal, state, or District of Columbia agency or U.S. territory that issues or provides disability benefits will be required.


Beverly Yenter
Phone: 918-595-6639
Fax: 000-000-0000
Agency Information:
Southwestern Area Power Administration
One West Third Street
Tulsa, OK
Fax: 000-000-0000


What to expect next

After each step in the recruitment process, your status will be updated in USAJOBS. You can review your status in USAJOBS at any time. You may also elect to receive status updates via e-mail by changing the notification settings in your USAJOBS profile. Please check that your USAJOBS profile contact information is current and correct each time you apply to a job--this will ensure we are able to contact you as quickly as possible. 

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