Job Overview


Unlock secrets in deep oceans, track rapidly moving storms, operate state-of-the-art environmental satellites, chart the Nation's waterways, formulate models to forecast climate trends, protect and preserve our living marine's all in a day's work at NOAA! Join a dedicated workforce committed to a vital mission: safeguarding the public,protecting natural resources, strengthening the economy. A career that makes a world of difference!

This position is Director, Global Systems Division (GSD), Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). GSD is responsible for improving the transfer of technological developments in atmospheric and oceanic research to the nation's operational atmospheric and oceanic services by conducting a program to integrate, evaluate, and apply developments to information and forecast systems. The position is scientific in nature and requires impartiality, or the public's confidence in impartiality, of its incumbent. It also involves day-to-day administrative operations without responsibility for or substantial involvement in the determination or public advocacy of the major controversial policies of the Administration. The Director serves as a spokesperson for GSD/ESRL/OAR/NOAA among top level scientists of other agencies in meetings leading to the identification of significant research projects and the establishment of objectives. He/she serves on committees that greatly influence the direction of scientific research. As an internationally recognized expert in atmospheric, oceanographic, or related sciences, opinions and technical positions of the incumbent contribute greatly toward the development of policies and programs within other agencies. In addition to technical program management, the incumbent may perform personal research. The incumbent is recognized nationally and internationally as authority and leader in his/her area of scientific expertise.


The Director, GSD will:

  • Plan, organize, direct, coordinate and evaluate the operation of the Division, providing general guidance to scientific program managers; exploiting new and promising lines of research; appraising the progress of missions; administering resources in accordance with priorities; and authorizing and conducting negotiations with other agencies for compatible scientific investigations.
  • Manage and conduct research and development in sciences and systems to improve data integration and forecasting technologies utilizing advances in environmental monitoring, data integration, and analysis; in understanding of atmospheric and oceanic processes; and in numerical modeling.
  • Provide expert scientific and technical direction for the development, implementation, and management of an integrated, sound, and effective program that is responsive to identified national and agency needs for global weather and climate systems.
  • Review, analyze, and evaluate new and existing plans, programs, and proposals for research initiatives as submitted by project leaders within GSD.