Job Overview


Interested in assisting U.S. businesses compete globally? The International Trade Administration is instrumental in assisting businesses compete in the global economy. Help create opportunities for U.S. workers and firms, by promoting trade, opening foreign markets to ensure compliance with trade laws and agreements.

This is a Term Appointment NTE 13 months, however this appointment may be extended, for no more than 2 years total.

This position is located in the Import Administration (IA), Office of Policy.  Serves as Trade Enforcement Analyst for the Interagency Trade Enforcement Center (ITEC).  Primary purpose of this position is to provide expert Mandarin-language research, and analytical support to ITEC on a number of technical trade issues related to trade-enforcement related negotiations and dispute settlement.


- Researches, reviews, analyzes, and develops a variety of trade information including: economic data; provisions of existing trade legislation; administrative and other regulations related to trade policy; and the positions, objectives, and goals for implementing trade policy of other offices, agencies, and departments in the trade policy interagency process.

- Prepares positions and strategies for negotiations and dispute settlement proceedings with foreign governments on major trade issues related to a specific area or region, including trade issues with China.  Conducts economic analytical studies and develops reports and recommendations for U.S. policy positions on technical trade issues regarding negotiations on trade enforcement matters and dispute settlement.

 - Extracts and summarizes or abstracts pertinent trade data, legal language, and negotiating text.  Develops reports, briefing materials, charts, graphs, tables, etc., for the development of negotiating or dispute settlement positions on a variety of trade issues.

 - Researches and analyzes current market access, trade policy structure, and negotiating proposals of key trading countries, including China. Using a variety of software, organizes and produces profiles of tariffs, trade policies, and negotiating stances of key trading countries.

 - Serves on a variety of task forces and committees to analyze specific trade problems or issues.  Attends interagency meetings as agency representative on issues related to assigned area.  Serves as liaison with professionals in other agencies to prepare briefings for ITEC Director or  senior level staff.  Follows up with reports and recommended actions