Job Overview


Become part of the team that safeguards the financial system from the abuses of financial crime. At the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), we are at the forefront in preventing and detecting terrorist financing, money laundering, and other financial crime. Serve at the nation's financial intelligence unit and protect the United States financial system from criminals and terrorist financiers.

Organizationally, the incumbent serves as the Assistant Director, Office of Training and reports to the Associate Director, Management Programs Division.  The incumbent is responsible for determining and administering training and development programs that provide FinCEN staff with: advanced knowledge and skills in the mission related research and analysis activities of FinCEN; functional knowledge related to the law enforcement, financial, regulatory and intelligence communities with which FinCEN interacts and partners; and strategic planning and leadership in relation to mission objectives. 


Supervisory Human Resources Specialist Duties:

Incumbent utilizes or develops insightful knowledge of FinCEN’s programs, goals, and strategic plans as well as awareness of new technology and evolving methodologies, to determine the types of training needed to prepare FinCEN staff for their programmatic and related administrative activities.  Identifies areas in which the technical expertise of staff can be honed to meet dynamically changing roles that increase the capacity of FinCEN and its customers to detect and prevent against financial transactions related to criminal activities and terrorism. 

Based on knowledge of FinCEN’s interactions with the law enforcement, regulatory, financial and intelligence communities, the Assistant Director identifies training mechanisms to ensure FinCEN employees receive sufficient training to serve FinCEN customers.

Seeks partnerships with external organizations to obtain efficiencies and economies of scale in developing and providing training modules, including participation in interagency training programs and negotiating cost sharing arrangements (e.g., FLETC).   

Conducts assessments of training needs and utilizes that input to plan program activities. Directly and through staff provides advisory services to FinCEN managers and employees concerning alternatives for achieving training and developmental objectives that include: training that can be provided through the direction and utilization of FinCEN staff, offerings through vendors, mentoring arrangements, and participation in training offerings of other Federal agencies.   Assists management in the development of individual development plans and the training entailed and in identifying growth opportunities. 

Develops and prepares FinCEN training budget proposals, justifications and planning documents for the strategic management of budget resources to accomplish cost-effective training with the greatest overall benefit.  Oversees procurement initiatives to identify and assess the type and nature of training that can be procured within the allocated budget.  As appropriate, serves as the contracting office representative for contracts initiated by the Office.  Monitors and tracks the training budget.  Determines expenditures.  Oversees the development of guidelines, training materials, formal agreements, and correspondence.

Provides a full range of first level supervisory duties in recruiting, selecting, developing and managing staff.  Assigns work, determines priorities, prepares performance plans, and evaluates staff.  Recommends personnel actions, including reassignments, promotions, and awards.  Takes necessary actions to deal with performance and conduct issues.  

Represents FinCEN at meetings with main Treasury, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), training establishments, vendors, and other organizations involved with training program activities.

Oversees a calendar of centralized and mandatory training for FinCEN employees.  Provides appropriate logistical support for mandatory training courses.