Job Overview


If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, this is the position for you! With a diverse and talented workforce of over 100,000 men and women, the Department of Justice leads the Nation in ensuring the protection of all Americans while preserving their constitutional freedoms. You will be part of a dedicated team helping to enforce Federal criminal and civil laws that protect life, liberty and the property of citizens.

The United States Attorney's Office is a great place to work. The Department of Justice ranked #11 out of 33 large Federal cabinet agencies and the Executive Office for United States Attorneys/United States Attorney's Offices ranked #17 out of 240 agency subcomponents in a study, "The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government, 2011 Rankings" published by the Partnership for Public Service. See

About the Office:  The Western District of Oklahoma is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The office has approximately 90 employees consisting of 38 attorneys and 52 support staff.  This office prosecutes federal crimes and defends the interests of the United States Government in civil cases. 

Who May Apply:  All U.S. Citizens 

Salary Information:  Assistant United States Attorneys' pay is administratively determined, based in part on the number of years of professional attorney experience.  The range of basic pay is $44,581.00 to $98,108.00 plus locality pay where authorized. 

All initial attorney appointments to the Department of Justice are made on a time-limited (temporary) basis.  Temporary appointments may, or may not, be extended or made permanent without further competition. 

As needed, additional positions may be filled using this announcement. 

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The office is currently seeking applicants to fill one (1) temporary Assistant U.S. Attorney position in the Criminal Division, not to exceed 14 months.  Assignment to the Criminal Division may include responsibility for all phases of criminal prosecution from providing guidance to law enforcement officers, initiating criminal charges, conducting grand jury proceedings and trials, and handling appeals. 

Occasional travel within and outside the District will be required.