Job Overview


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The Office of Legacy Management (LM), reporting directly to the Under Secretary for Nuclear Security, manages the Department’s legacy responsibilities resulting from the nuclear weapons program.  The mission of the Office is to protect human health and the environment through effective and efficient long-term surveillance and maintenance; to preserve and protect legacy records and information; to support an effective and efficient work force structured to accomplish departmental missions; to implement Departmental policy concerning continuity of worker pension and medical benefits; to manage legacy land and assets, emphasizing safety, reuse, and disposition; to mitigate community impacts resulting from the cleanup of legacy waste and changing departmental missions; and to actively provide and coordinate policy issues with appropriate Departmental organizations.

This position is located in the Office of Business Operations, Archives & Information Management (AIM) Team and provides records management support to the Office of Legacy Management and reports to the AIM Team Leader


As a Program Analyst, you will:

Provide broad and thorough technical level expertise in the records management programs of the Team, specific duties assigned may include the following illustrative areas:

  • Records Processing, which includes; creation, maintenance, storage, retrieval, inventory, file plans, scheduling,disposition, preservation and coordination with the staff responsible for these areas as applied to electronic records.
  • Records Request, which includes;Freedom of Information and or Privacy Acts, EH, Medical Studies, EEOICPA, Litigation and Discovery, Congressional; External (Regulators, Public); and/or GAO/IG
  • Records Access, which includes Internet; Reading Rooms;,Records Facilities, Public Interactions, and the OLM Records Request Center.
  • Serve as point-of-contact to coordinate activities between DOE Headquarters, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Federal Records Centers (FRC's), and the individual sites, Office of Environmental Management, medical researches, etc., regarding records management.