Job Overview


Join a dynamic and growing information technology (IT) organization in the place where innovation begins -- the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)!  You will serve as a DB, bringing your technical skills to bear for the next generation of Patents & Trademarks processing systems.  Come join our team as our office prepares to fill multiple IT Specialist positions to support our growing organization!

This position is located in the Office of the Chief Information Officer, The Office of Infrastructure Engineering and Operations (IEO), Enterprise Platform Services Division (EPSD), The Systems Performance Branch (SPB . The Office of Infrastructure Engineering and Operations (IEO) provides day-to-day operational support for USPTO-developed applications. The Enterprise Platform Services Division (EPSD) manages the USPTO Enterprise Applications and provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The position is with Systems Performance Branch (SPB) that analyzes USPTO-developed applications and database performance to ensure that performance objectives are being met; establishes and -implements monitoring standards;  monitors existing capacity and projects future capacity requirements; formulates performance improvements and capacity changes; recommends changes to systems and PTOnet to optimize resource utilization; and compiles capacity and performance statistics for executive level reporting.


The successful candidate in this job:

–  The programs characteristically encompass a variety of functional or discipline areas and are affected intensively by advances in scientific and engineering technology discipline of database performance evaluation. The work is characterized by problems for which precedents are lacking in areas critical to the overall development effort or program.

– Applies the principles, methods and techniques of systems performance engineering with in-depth knowledge of computer theory, database design, algorithms, and data structures, programming concepts and modeling and simulation technology to support the analysis, design and development of better performing Patent and Trademark systems.

– Defines project scope, formulates project strategy, identifies necessary tools and technologies needed to accomplish the project, plans detailed project plan of tasks to be performed, deliverables, and schedule, and implements same.

– Serves as an authority or consultant in a rapidly evolving field having extensive impact on office research and development programs in the discipline of database performance; or provides overall leadership and direction to pioneering development efforts in achieving better database performance with previously unattainable capabilities and characteristics.