Job Overview


The Ohio National Guard seeks to employ high quality applicants for Federal Technician positions. This position requires military membership in the Ohio National Guard.

Military Unit and Address:

179th Airlift Wing

1947 Harrington Memorial Rd
Mansfield, OH 44903

This position is being announced concurrently as an AGR position.  To view the AGR job announcement, please visit the Ohio National Guard jobs page at



   This position is located in the plans. Scheduling, Documentation/Engine Management Section of the Maintenance Control Branch. The purpose of this position is to perform preliminary (advance) planning and long term scheduling for the utilization and maintenance of all assigned aerospace vehicles, propulsion units/associated equipment and related support training equipment, and to perform duties related to the documentation function.


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The Ohio National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer


1. Coordinates and develops operational and maintenance requirements for all assigned aerospace vehicles and related support and training equipment into long range, quarterly, monthly, and weekly plans to produce a schedule which makes efficient use of resources. Ensure that the Maintenance Control Supervisor and the Chief of Maintenance are advised of maintenance capability, problem areas, and adherence to schedules. scheduled aerospace vehicles and related equipment, through all phase of maintenance. In coordination with Job Control, assigns workload for all maintenance sections. Coordinates with upper level management and other functional areas on master parking plan, bulk munitions requirements, supply support, food and lubricant (POL) requirements, fire department service and civil engineering functions. Compiles and publishes required maintenance plans in a timely manner to project aircraft, equipment and personnel utilization.

2.Schedules and conducts daily maintenance planning meeting to refine and incorporate unscheduled maintenance requirements into the weekly to daily maintenance plans and workload requirement. Reviews specialist dispatch and in-shop production workload to ascertain production delay, recommends corrective actions and makes and manages local manufactured items to insure that unauthorized work is not scheduled. Coordinates with Quality Assurance in scheduling activity, technical inspections and publication changes. Coordinates with Training Management to minimize impact of training schedule on maintenance production. Conducts and manages air crew debriefing in accordance with pertinent ANG directives. Initiates and maintains maintenance operating instructions establishing procedures for the assignment and application of job control numbers.

3. Represents the Chief of Maintenance in coordinating actions such as aircraft and equipment utilization, sortie rates, flying hours and simulator utilization with the Air Commander, Operations and other members of the flight scheduling committee.

4. Develops inspection work package for aircraft; schedules and conducts the pre inspection meeting for scheduled inspections such as periodic, isochronal and phase. In coordination with maintenance supervisors, develops work packages for major, intermediate level maintenance such as battle or cash damage.