Job Overview


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Functions as the Deputy/Assistant Human Resources Officer, Lead Classification Specialist, and the Employee Relations Officer. Assists the Human Resources Officer by providing leadership and direction during the conduct of all office activities.

Travel and relocation expenses are not authorized.


Encumbent acts for the Human Resources Officer in their absence. Serves as the Center's Lead Classification Specialist, Employee Relations Officer, Awards Officer, and Lead for Workplace Effectiveness. Responsible for leading the center's workplace effectiveness activities and developing appropriate policies, processes and systems regarding performance management, employee recognition, employee morale and productivity and other related functions. Serves as the Lead and technical expert on special projects and studies on interdisciplinary human capital issues.

As the Lead Classification Specialist, classifies positions, performs desk audits, advises on position management and assists lower-graded employees on classification issues.

Provides managers with interpretations of the agency's and center's employee relations procedures, practices, policies, and guidelines when the issues involved are new, highly controversial, precedent setting and/or involve more than one area of Human Resources policy. Reviews employee relations program activities and provides advice on complex and multi-faceted issues. As the center representative, assists the agency in issuing guidance to clarify issues, resolve conflicting guidance, and/or to alleviate other potential or existing problems, such as those pertaining to adverse actions or other official recognition of conduct and performance problems. Serves as the center technical expert on performance and conduct-based actions and related employee relations program policies and practices. Responds to program issues where there is the potential for serious impact on the center's mission, such as complaints, grievances, and appeals that overlap the EEO or other areas. Assesses the impact of new practices or pursuing certain actions in light of their perceived impact on the center or agency.

Considers and evaluates the impact of strategic human capital changes in legislative and regulatory requirements. Performs Human Resource-related studies requiring detailed documentation, extensive research, and authoritative interpretations of the spirit and letter of the law, executive orders, court decisions, regulations, and broad policy statements that provide the framework for major agency or center program decisions.

Serves as a technical expert in handling difficult, complex, sensitive cases, projects, or studies involving multiple controversial Human Resources issues that have agency-wide or center-wide effect, and/or affect large numbers of individuals, including employees, annuitants, and job applicants. Advises senior management and staff members on preparation of position papers, reports, studies, summaries, and formal actions where there are few guidelines and broadly stated objectives.

Counsels managers on performance situations with potential to generate administrative or negotiated agreement grievances, EEO complaints, or other processes that detract from the morale and productivity of the organization, such as performance-based adverse actions.

Assists in the preparation of Human Resource Specialist's performance plans, ratings, IDPs, etc.

Serves as a senior level advisor for the agency on award and recognition program issues. Advises senior managers on the execution of employee performance plans within the constructs of the goals and mission of the organization. Reviews employee performance plans for equity and quality, and provides specific guidance on the use or withholding of awards. Develops and encourages the use of innovative employee recognition tools and techniques throughout the organization.