Job Overview


The President has challenged cabinet Secretaries and senior Federal agency heads to create a government that is more citizen centered, results oriented, and market based. To achieve this vision within The Department of Homeland Security, we are searching for high caliber leaders who possess high standards of excellence and enjoy challenges and opportunities.



The men and women of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are the guardians of our Nation's borders.   CBP, an agency with over 60,000 employees worldwide, is responsible for preventing the entry of terrorists and their weapons into the United States, while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel.   CBP's major operational organizations include Field Operations, whose CBP Officers work at over 300 ports of entry to screen passengers and cargo entering the country; Border Patrol, whose Agents stop illegal entry at the borders between the ports of entry; and Air and Marine, whose Pilots and Marine Interdiction Agents help to protect our country in the aviation and maritime environments.

As Assistant Commissioner, Office of Intelligence and Investigative Liaison (OIIL), you will lead an organization that develops, provides, coordinates, and implements intelligence capabilities to support the execution of CBP's primary mission to secure America's borders while facilitating trade and travel.   You will integrate CBP's diverse intelligence capabilities into a single cohesive intelligence enterprise and ensure OIIL supports CBP's mission through a multi-layered approach that includes: collecting and analyzing advance traveler and cargo information; using enhanced law enforcement technical collection capabilities; providing timely analysis of intelligence and information; and establishing intelligence-sharing relationships with Federal, state, local, and tribal agencies and intelligence agencies.

You will oversee five main headquarters divisions:   Targeting, Analysis, Collections, Mission Support, and the Commissioner's Situation Room and Intelligence Watch.   You will ensure OIIL passes perishable information and intelligence to CBP operational units to effect timely interdiction and enforcement actions.   You will also ensure OIIL systematically reviews, analyzes, and exploits national intelligence in order to provide value-added reports to operational units.   As Assistant Commissioner, you will work with other law enforcement agencies and the Intelligence Community to ensure CBP receives information and intelligence to support its border security mission.   You will also ensure OIIL routinely conducts analysis of national-level intelligence by augmenting that intelligence with extensive law enforcement, immigration, and/or trade information.   You will oversee programs related to the collection of information obtained from CBP Officers, Border Patrol Agents, and other CBP personnel, and integration of the information into larger analytical efforts to enhance ongoing operations.

You will also oversee programs and operations related to: the Intelligence Operations Coordination Center in Tucson, Arizona, the Intelligence Coordination Team in Detroit, Michigan, OIIL personnel deployed to the Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC), the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), and the OIIL Security team.  

You will provide executive level advice in planning short- and long-range strategies, activities, and projects.   You will review the expenditure of appropriated funds on a regular basis and assure effective expenditure of these funds.   You will also develop plans and financial estimates for the annual CBP Departmental Budget submission.

As a member of the agency's executive team, you will implement the President's Management Agenda within your specific area of responsibility.   For an overview of the diverse responsibilities CBP carries out within the Government, visit our website at