Job Overview


The Tongass National Forest was established in 1902 and covers nearly 17 million acres in Southeast Alaska. It is the nation’s largest National Forest. The Tongass stretches nearly 500 miles from its boundary with the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in the north, to the Canadian boundary in the south. It is a forest of islands including the Alexander Archipelago, and the mainland. The unique forest landscapes of the Tongass vary dramatically in topographic relief and include a mosaic of forest, peat lands, steep rocky areas, glaciated mountains and other non-forested lands.

Alaska’s magnificent scenery, vast forests, and abundant natural resources match the size of the forest. The Tongass makes up ninety percent of Southeast Alaska and is a land of glaciers, mountains, waterways and thousands of islands separated by straits and channels. The islands and mainland create 11,000 miles of shoreline where regal mountains rise from the tidewater to overlook a mostly undeveloped and isolated landscape. The geography of the Alexander Archipelago presents a transportation challenge and most of the Tongass is isolated from the continental road system. You will find yourself boating or flying in a floatplane to most field locations. Visitors arrive by cruise ship, ferry or commercial airplane.

This position is with the Tongass National Forest; Recreation, Lands, Minerals and Heritage Staff.

The duty station for this position will be Juneau or Ketchikan, Alaska. Final determination of duty station will be made by the selecting official at the time of job offer.

For additional information about the duties of the position, please contact Sarah Samuelson at 907-789-6274 or

This position has a positive education requirement; therefore, a legible copy of your college transcripts is required. Transcripts must be attached to your application or faxed to 866-339-1808 prior to the closing date of the announcement; please include your name and the announcement number on all documents. Applicants who fail to submit their transcripts with their application will not be given credit for their education.

TELEWORK Statement: This position is eligible for telework and other flexible work arrangements. However, it is not a virtual position and the duty station will be in Juneau or Ketchikan, AK.

Please read the vacancy announcement thoroughly and follow all instructions to ensure proper consideration. If you are unable to apply on-line or have questions about the meaning of items in the vacancy announcement, please contact Human Resources Management at 1-877-372-7248.

The ability to obtain and maintain weapons certification is a condition of employment in this position as the incumbent will be required to carry a firearm. To maintain employment in this position the incumbent must receive a negative pre-certification drug test result, pass a minimum background investigation, pass firearm classroom training, pass the shooting proficiency test and be enrolled in the random drug testing pool while employed in this position.

Salary may be adjusted to include a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA). See the OPM website at: for additional information about the continuation of COLA after December 31, 2012.

OVERSEAS SERVICE AGREEMENT: Employees who transfer to the Alaska Region from continental United States (CONUS) are required to sign FS-R10-6500-0002, Initial Overseas Employment Agreement before the hiring process is complete. This form documents the employee’s agreement to serve 12 months in an overseas location in return for the Government’s agreement to pay all available transfer of station entitlements for the transfer to Alaska and at least a partially-funded return to the CONUS point of hire. Employees who transfer to another Government position will generally receive all available transfer of station entitlements.

RETURN RIGHTS TO CONUS: Until December 31, 2013, employees who report to a duty station in Alaska are eligible to have Region 10 partially fund their transfer from Alaska to another Forest Service (non-Research) position in the continental United States. The transfer-of-station costs the Alaska Region will pay for the employee and eligible family members are one-way transportation by Alaska Marine Highway System or commercial airline, transportation and storage of household goods, and movement of a privately-owned vehicle via Alaska Marine Highway System. For employees who transfer to another Forest Service position and the reporting date is after December 31, 2013, the gaining unit will pay the transfer-of-station costs. The entire cost of a transfer to a position in another Federal Agency will be paid for by the gaining Federal Agency, as indicated in the vacancy announcement. For additional information, please request a copy of Alaska Region Pamphlet R10-RG-057.


The GS-07 is the trainee level for the full performance level of GS-09. This position provides services to the Tongass National Forest through the Tongass Minerals Group, located at the Juneau Ranger District office. This position reports to the Tongass Minerals Program Manager. The incumbent will be working with a more experienced geologist (9/11) to provide forest-level support in minerals administration for large & small locatable (hard rock) mine and exploration operations, as well as for leasable commodities and mineral material sales. The incumbent will participate in a diverse range of Minerals planning projects and conduct inspections for compliance and reclamation on existing operations and exploration activities. The incumbent will work cooperatively with other employees of the Tongass National Forest, as well as employees of other Federal, State, and local agencies. The incumbent works to educate the interested public about mining and environmental laws and policies as they apply to Forest Service lands.