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Ten Reasons to Work for Peace Corps! -- (1) Voted in the top 4 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government for small agencies in 2012, (2) the Peace Corps has a unique global mission. (3) Benefits include higher salary caps than the Federal standard with (4) quicker step increases. (5) Peace Corps employees earn non-competitive eligibility after 3 years of service and (6) have the chance to be selected for an annual Leadership Development Academy. (7) The working environment is highly flexible with alternative schedules, credit hours, teleworking. (8) There is a Distinguished Speaker Series, and (9) work-life programs including Metro and bicycle subsidies. (10) Peace Corps has a vibrant Community atmosphere; established through President Kennedy's call to service; the Peace Corps asks applicants what you can do for your country . . . and the world.

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(The duties described reflect the full performance level of this position)

Serves as project manager for implementation of specific Statements of Work under the food security agreement with USAID. The Team Lead builds Peace Corps capacity to implement a high quality food security program across Feed the Future countries and beyond by defining the overall food security strategy, objectives, and implementation. In conjunction with the Office of Strategic Partnerships, this strategy includes engaging Peace Corps posts with USAID Missions regarding collaboration under Feed the Future and in food security in general.
The Team Lead will participate in interagency Feed the Future meetings and related food security activities.
Provides progress reports and other updates as requested by the agreement or partners
Works closely with the Office of Strategic Partnerships on implementation of the agreement and providing technical expertise and advice to new in-country buy-ins to the overall agreement.
Works with the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit to track and report data on Volunteer activities, as required by the agreement.

The program manager supervises the work of program specialists and ensures that the food security team works in concert to provide quality support to Peace Corps posts and regions as they implement this agreement.
The Team Lead is responsible for overseeing the implementation of Food Security Work Plan and for coordinating the work of the Food Security team.
The Team Lead ensures that elements of the work done by individual technical specialists fit together and contribute to a cohesive overall product. The Team Lead builds teamwork and respect amongst all team members and fosters a positive working environment.
Serves as an authoritative source of consultation for other food security, agriculture, and environment program specialists. Resolves issues and provides advice on matters where policies or decisions covering major areas of uncertainty in approach or methodology are required and where new techniques or information must be developed.
He/she coordinates the work of technical specialists to develop agricultural and food security training materials and learning resources for Volunteers and programmatic resources and guidance for staff.
Coordinates with other offices and units within the Peace Corps to ensure that Food Security work is in line with current agency guidelines and policies. Garners support and buy-in to strategic direction and vision of overall food security work.
Communicates regularly with team members, other units within OPATS, and the Office of Strategic Partnershipson progress towards deliverables.