Job Overview


Experience your America and build a fulfilling career by joining the National Park Service. Become a part of our mission to unite our past, our cultures and our special places, to establish important connections to the present and build a rich and lasting legacy for future generations. For more information about the National Park Service, click National Park Service.

WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: Open to all qualified U.S. citizens. You do not have to be a current or former government employee to be considered for this position.

This is a Term position. Initial appointment is 13 months with possible extensions up to 4 years. This position is also career-seasonal in nature and does not provide employment on a year-round basis. You may work a minimum of 26 weeks but generally not more than 48 weeks a year. Actual work schedule and period of furlough is contingent upon funding and operational needs.

For position specific information, contact Brian Bloom 928-638-7842.


The incumbent will operate an 18 foot inflatable (rowing) raft and 22 to 37 foot (motorized) raft on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park and will be responsible for preparing and participating in National Park Service river trips. Will engage in visitor contact, resource monitoring and rehabilitation, concessions evaluation, hiking, trail work, trash pick-up, backcountry toilet maintenance and other river trip support services.  Boat shop duties include food purchasing and packing, boat repair, painting, shuttle bus driving, etc.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Uses heavy effort to row/guide the raft on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park.  Coordination of hand, eye and boat are absolutely necessary to direct the raft in extreme white water conditions. Rows an inflatable rubber raft through hazardous rapids for 3 to 12 hours a day for 12 to 30 days at at time. Lifts heavy (exceeding 70 pounds) objects while loading and unloading boats one or more times a day. Makes extended hikes for trail patrol along the side canyons in addition to rowing part of the day and packing and unpacking the boats.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: On patrol trips incumbent will experience exposture to temperatures from 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer to sub-freezing during winter trips. Climate is generally dry but summer storms occur frequently and it may snow on the river trips during the winter. Incumbent may be drenched by river water (approsimately 48 degrees Fahrenheit year round) at any time while on the river. While rafting the River the incumbent will experience hazardous/difficult rapids, resulting in violent tossing and turning. While on trail patrol, the inclumbent is exposed to high cliffs, narrow trails, falling rocks, uncertain footing, and extreme temperatures. Will work at altitudes between 2000 to over 7000.

OTHER:  Incumbent must have a current state driver's license and must be billing to spend extended periods of time (14-30) days in remote wilderness environments. Must hold or be able to obtain a Wilderness Advance 1st Aid and CPR certification.  This is a required occupancy position, incumbent must occupy government shared quarters. May be required to respond to emergency situations at any time (renter visitor aid, provide information, or assist others in protecting life and property).

AREA INFORMATION/HOUSING INFORMATION: This position is stationed at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park located in Northwest Arizona, approximately 60 miles north of Williams and 85 miles Northwest of Flagstaff at an elevation of 7,000 feet.    Temperatures range from approximately 85 degrees in the summer to 17 degrees in the winter.    Grand Canyon Village has schools K-12, a daycare center, post office, general store, banking facilities, churches, a recreation center, a clinic with resident physicians and several restaurants.    The park community consists of some 2,000 people, including employees of the NPS and concessionaires and their family members.    There are often employment opportunities for family members in the park and surrounding areas. The park community is small enough that many employees choose to walk or bike from their homes to work.    Complete shopping, educational, medical and professional services are available in Williams and Flagstaff.    Recreational opportunities include hiking, river rafting, fishing, cross-country and downhill skiing, and golfing in nearby communities.

Government quarters are assigned. Selectee will be required to live in shared government quarters. Shared quarters do not provide facilities for housing family members and pets are not allowed. For additional housing information contact the housing office at (928) 638-7796.