Job Overview


NASA, the world's leader in space and aeronautics is always seeking outstanding scientists, engineers, and other talented professionals to carry forward the great discovery process that its mission demands. Creativity - Ambition - Teamwork - A sense of Daring - and a Probing Mind - That's what it takes to join NASA, one of the best places to work in the Federal Government.

This advertisement serves as a Public Notice to fill entry level positions in the Scientific, Technical, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), Business, and Administrative occupations. Opportunities include multiple types of positions within these occupational areas at various locations throughout Marshall Space Flight Center.


To receive consideration, you must submit a resume and answer NASA-specific questions. The NASA questions appear after you submit your resume and are transferred to a NASA web site. If you successfully apply, USAJOBS will show your application status as 'resume received - complete.' If your status is 'Application Started,' you have not successfully applied. Do not rely on a USAJOBS email to confirm successful application only an email from NASA confirms a successful application.

As identical vacancies are identified, additional selections may be made.


Participates in Marshall Space Flight Center's Pathways Recent Graduate Program. These are formal training programs consisting of specialized training designed to accelerate an employee to the full performance level. Participant completes assigned duties, tasks, readings, and developmental activities specified in the program. Program participants receive formal periodic assessments of progress.

Position involves working in a formal developmental program as a Contract Specialist in the Office of Procurement under the Pathways Program at MSFC. Work involves performing or developing professional work involving the procurement of supplies, services, construction, or research and development using formal advertising or negotiating procedures; developing policies and procedures; evaluating contract price proposals; and administration, termination, and/or close out of contracts.
Reviews requisitions to ensure adequacy and completeness prior to initiation of contractual action. Recommends appropriate method of procurement for requirements involving standardized specifications and established markets. Evaluates the responsiveness of the contractor's bid or proposal to the solicitation.
Monitors the administration of the contract until final delivery and payments are complete. Interprets contract provisions and methodologies to agency contractors ensuring procedures are in compliance with agency regulations. Monitors contract performance and negotiation of necessary contract modifications to ensure satisfactory progress and completion of contract activities. Recommends actions when the contractor is not in compliance with contract provisions. Negotiates changes to agreements when precedents are well established and the bargaining positions are close, as well as other Contract Specialist Duties.