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NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED:  This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants who are not currently a member of the National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the National Guard in the military grade listed in this announcement.


This position is located in the United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO).  The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the budget analyst and consultant for the management and administration of all budget programs within the organization.  The incumbent performs routine, continuing financial management functions involving the formulation, execution, and/or analysis of budgets for the organization’s support activities and organizational components.  The incumbent performs duties necessary to accomplish budget analyst and management functions and provides customer service in support of financial management (FM) programs.  The work requires knowledge and skill in the application of financial management, related laws, regulations, policies, acquisition, precedents, methods, and techniques of budget analysis and funds management.


(1) Serves as the functional point of contact for day-to-day budget/financial issues. Works with Major Subordinate Commands (MSC)and budget office counterparts to obtain, monitor, and track organization's funds.    Works closely with supervisors/ managers and/or project managers in utilization of resources, resolving problems, and determining funding/resource requirements.  Compiles findings and makes recommendations for development and implementation of procedures for financial management and budgeting functions in support of organizational programs/activities.

(2) Performs budget formulation work involving review and preparation of budget estimates and financial plans. Reviews and analyzes budget requests submitted by organizational activities to ensure their consistency, accuracy, and adherence to instructions.  Researches, consolidates, and summarizes budgetary data from source documents, automated budgetary systems, accounting records,and reports for use in preparing budget estimates and annual financial plans.  Interprets source information and properly applies it to the budget.  Reviews organizational historical data and/or matches funding requests or projected costs of selected line items with past records to determine trends in spending and forecast annual funding needs.    Analyzes data for prior, current, and out year in preparing financial plans.  Develops consolidated budget, and reviews and drafts statements for justifying funding requests.   Reviews budget submissions for compliance with rules, regulations, and procedures.

(3) Performs budget execution and administration work involving the monitoring of obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of funds.   Monitors, tracks, and reviews obligations,expenditures, reimbursable orders, and requests for allotments, identifying and reporting differences that are not in keeping with annual work plans.  Compares obligations and expenditures and identifies conditions over or under obligation of funds. Prepares and conducts reprogramming and adjustments of funding to cover short falls, unanticipated expenses, and/or unexpected emergencies, identifying and referring to higher level officials reprogramming actions which require prior approval.  Obtains and provides information concerning the propriety of using funds for specific purposes by researching appropriate legal and regulatory guides.  Makes recommendations for transfer of funds between accounts under the same appropriation or allotment when funds are needed to cover increases in obligations or when expenditures fall below established limits.  Verifies, enters, and adjusts budgetary data in a variety of forms, schedules, and reports.  Monitors year-end closing to ensure proper and full use of funds.

(4) Provides advice, assistance, and guidance on budgeting and related information and conducts analyses, reviews and special studies of budget and/or related information. Provides advice on budget and related matters such as types of funding available, effects of budgetary changes on related activities, and status and use of funds.  Compiles, prepares, and conveys information about the budget and programs of the organization.  Prepares guidance and/or interpretation of standard procedures and regulations relating to the organization's budget and financial procedures/processes. Conducts budget related training of organizational personnel on budget processes, procedures, requirements, etc.  Researches and analyzes available factual information, trends in the cost of accomplishing specific work objectives,and/or relationships among organizational needs/objectives.  Evaluates results for possible effect on program plans and funding.  Conducts special studies of financial program and funding requirements to ensure the availability of funds.  Utilizes common budgetary methods and techniques, applies basic statistical formulas, and contrasts/compares current and historical budget and program data in conducting analyses and studies.

(5) Uses budgetary and other automated system(s) and computer-generated products in accomplishing budgeting/funding assignments. Performs quality checks of organization's automated system database information, working with appropriate point of contact to resolve any significant problems.  Uses available computer software programs to produce required budget reports, plans, schedules,etc. Uses computer products to facilitate effective analyses of budget information.