Job Overview





NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED: This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.

LOCATION: NGLA-JFD-CB (Training Center), Pineville, LA

This position is located in the personnel and administrative section of a Battalion (BN) or Squadron (SQ) size headquarters of the Army National Guard (ARNG). The purpose of the position is to oversee and ensure the accomplishment of work performed in the areas of personnel management and administration. The incumbent works under the direction of the Officer in Charge (OIC) or Personnel Officer.

Open Areas of Consideration: 1


Area 1 = Enlisted members of the Louisiana National Guard.




(1) Plans, organizes, and administers the military personnel program for the organization. Assists in the preparation for and executes command level inspections in the area of personnel and administration. Identifies trends and conducts analysis of subordinate feeder information, recurring required reports, findings of assistance visits and inspections, and develops recommendations. Manages the military staffing, classification, assignment and utilization of battalion personnel in accordance with authorized manning documents. Accomplishes or reviews a variety of military personnel transactions including appointments, enlistments, separations, promotions, duty assignments, transfers, medical evaluations, line of duty actions, security clearances, awards and decorations, retirements, etc., and forwards actions to a higher level military personnel office. Provides guidance, reviews, and monitors the timely completion of enlisted evaluations. Prepares and forwards officer evaluation reports. Provides information and assistance to personnel at higher and subordinate levels tasked with completing such transactions. Provides guidance to subordinate unit personnel in the completion and maintenance of individual mobilization packets, applications for passports, and the publication of required personnel orders.

(2) Implements the enlisted promotion system at the command level. Establishes suspense dates for subordinate organizations for the completion and submission of packets. Reviews packets prior to submission to higher headquarters for quality and completion. Validates the preliminary enlisted promotion consideration list to ensure all personnel eligible for consideration are included and submits any changes to the state level enlisted promotion manager. Coordinates and publishes all requirements for battalion level enlisted promotion boards as required.

(3) Plans and coordinates health service support. Monitors the status of all physicals within the command and ensures appropriate scheduling and completion. Coordinates the completion of annual medical certification requirements and periodic vaccinations. Ensures the completion of and reviews line of duty investigations. Provides technical guidance to subordinate unit administrative personnel in the preparation of formal and informal line of duty investigations. Functions as an advisor to the investigating officer and the command in the execution of formal line of duty investigations. Reviews and/or prepares the packets required for submission to the medical review and profile boards. Assists subordinate units in coordinating with civilian and military medical authorities for required supporting documentation. Provides technical guidance to subordinate unit personnel in the preparation and submission of incapacitation pay packets.

(4) Prepares and forwards required documentation or officer promotion packets for required state and federal board actions. Conducts individual records review with the affected officer and makes modifications in preparation for upcoming officer board actions.

(5) Provides advice and assistance to the commander and staff pertaining to military personnel administration. Interprets and implements Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Major Command, National Guard, and state regulations, policies and precedents pertaining to the full range of personnel actions. Researches and resolves the most difficult military personnel problems and questions, including those where guidance is only partially relevant or is incomplete.

(6) Provides guidance to subordinate unit personnel about benefits and entitlements, career and bonus programs, educational, retirement, and other benefits. Assists applicants and evaluates qualifications for officer appointment and provides administrative support in the preparation of appointment packets. Renders authoritative explanations of regulations, methods, procedures, and exceptions involved in individual cases. May provide assistance to soldiers and dependents concerning benefits and entitlements. Ensures military personnel records are kept current and accurate, and contain the proper supporting documentation.

(7) Reviews or assembles supporting documentation required at higher levels when processing actions such as involuntary order to active duty, courts martial, fraudulent enlistment, non-selection for retention, administrative discharges, etc.

(8) Monitors and reviews copies of unit reports furnished by higher level military personnel offices to identify trends and assist with the management of personnel readiness within the organization. Reviews and submits source documents for military personnel records and retirement accounting.

(9) Performs various administrative duties relating to military personnel involving the composition and distribution of correspondence, publications, reports, orders, etc. serves as the file systems manager for the battalion. Identifies and maintains the publication requirements and accounts for the organization and subordinate elements. Functions as the mail control officer for the organization including postage accounts and duplication equipment records.

(10) Provides personnel specific information in developing plans for recruiting and retention within the command. Gathers and prepares information concerning personnel accessions, retention, attendance, and attrition.

(11) Prepares press releases, articles, announcements, or advertisements for submission to local news media designed to make the public aware of the National Guard and their role in the community and in national defense.

(12) May plan, organize and assign work to employees engaged in administration and personnel work assigned at the command level. Provides technical assistance and guidance to organizational personnel and administrative employees. Revises assignments or details employees to other duties as necessary to meet changing work situations, deadlines, or priorities.

(13) May coordinate with the Human Resources Office for actions affecting military leave, the reassignment of full-time personnel, etc.

(14) Performs other duties as assigned.