Job Overview


The Department of Veterans Affairs is interested in attracting the best talent for our diverse cadre of SES members from all sources: within VA, the Federal government, and from the private sector. We have streamlined our recruitment process and now only require you to submit a 5 page resume to apply for this position.

VA's Office of Management (OM) is responsible for directing the Department’s budgetary, financial, capital asset management,  performance management, enterprise risk management, and business oversight functions.  OM has two primary roles — operational, in support of the Department’s Administrations and staff offices so they can accomplish their missions, and stewardship, to ensure for the Secretary VA’s compliance with laws, policies and directions from external organizations such as OMB, Treasury, GSA, GAO and Congress.

OM’s responsibilities are executed through programs administered by the Deputy Assistant Secretaries for Budget, and Finance; and by the Directors of the Office of Asset Enterprise Management, Office of Business Oversight, Office of Performance Management, and Office of Enterprise Risk Management.   

VA structures its SES positions into pay bands. This is a pay band 1 position and the salary range is $119,554 - $179,700. Exceptions to the salary cap may be considered in certain circumstances.

 Multiple similarly categorized positions may be filled using this vacancy announcement


This position serves as the Executive Director, Operations in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Management (OM).The responsibilities include, but not limited to:    

Serves as the focal point in the Office of Management for the development, adoption, and implementation of Department-wide programs and policies affecting financial management operations within VA.  The Executive Director analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of these programs and policies and presents balanced recommendations for improvements.

Coordinates and oversees implementation of approved significant program and policy changes with appropriate staff and key Departmental officials as necessary.  Consults with and provides authoritative advice to the officials responsible for implementing these programs and policy changes.  Recommends short and long range objectives for the Department.

Keeps the Assistant Secretary and key staff informed of any pertinent or emergent issues.

Provides executive oversight of initiatives/projects to ensure the organizational goals are linked to the Departmental strategic goals and objectives.  The Executive Director serves as the Assistant Secretary's liaison with internal and external top officials on assigned projects and keeps the Assistant Secretary apprised of complications and overall progress. 

Independently addresses and coordinates financial management operational and emerging issues, on behalf of the Assistant Secretary, with the Offices of the Deputy Secretary and Secretary, Under Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries and other Key Officials.

Represents the Assistant Secretary in a wide variety of situations within the Department and with representatives of other Federal agencies and the private sector regarding Departmental programs.