Job Overview


DOE's overarching mission is to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the U.S. through scientific and technological innovation and the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex. With DOE you'll have the flexibility and freedom to explore a world of possibilities through a wealth of exciting and challenging career opportunities. By joining DOE, you can hone your career skills while helping to secure the U.S. future and make a real difference in the lives of Americans and people around the world. To learn more about the DOE, please visit our website at the following link DOE.

The Department of Energy, Energy Information Agency (EIA) is seeking a highly-qualified candidate to serve as the Director, Office of Electricity, Coal, Nuclear, and Renewable Analysis at the Department of Energy Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  The incumbent provides leadership direction to electricity, coal, nuclear, and renewable analysis as part of EIA's comprehensive energy supply and demand data collection, analysis, and dissemination program.  The program covers a wide-range of analyses that result in the dissemination of relevant, reliable, and timely information through a full range of publicly available data and reports.  These analyses assess energy supply and demand data and provide the basis for decision-making on public policy initiatives, including Congressional and Executive Branch initiatives.  


The incumbent will direct the formulation, defense, administration, evaluation and allocation of resources (funding, staffing, information, contracts, etc.) necessary to conduct electricity, coal, nuclear, and renewables analysis programs.  Oversee the establishment and maintenance of effective relationships with organizations engaged and/or interested in energy information analysis, including Congress, the Administration, other Federal Agencies, industry, and international organizations.  Analyses involve supply, energy prices, technology and other factors; and all analytical products are of the highest relevance, reliability, and timeliness, and adhere to EIA and Federal analysis standards.