Job Overview


The Economic Research Service (ERS) conducts broad programs of economic and other social science research and analysis relating to agriculture, food, natural resources and rural America for use by public and private decision makers.  ERS' clients are the executive and legislative branches; environmental, consumer and public interest groups, including farm and industry groups; and the general public.

The Information Services Division (ISD) provides technical leadership, guidance, training, coordination, and other assistance in computing, editing, disseminating information, and operations in support of the economic research and analysis mission of ERS.

The Publishing Services Branch (PSB) conducts a publishing and public information program for the Economic Research Service.  The Branch is responsible for the writing, editing, and design and graphics that go into the planning and preparing research manuscripts, outlook newsletters, special reports, and other materials prepared by the Agency both in print and on the Agency’s web site. The Branch advises authors and managers in developing information programs that meet the needs of the Agency’s customers.  The Branch assists the Agency in disseminating its agricultural economic information to its primary clientele as well as to other interested parties. 

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The incumbent serves as an Agricultural Economist for the PSB with responsibility for serving as Executive Editor of Amber Waves magazine and Leader of the Amber Waves team. Amber Waves is a major agency vehicle for communicating comprehensive, up-to-date economic analysis of developments in the food and agriculture sectors to a non-research audience. The incumbent also provides strategic oversight of Charts of Note, an online product featuring a daily chart, which highlights current and past ERS research.  The major duties involve independently formulating, planning, and guiding all activities related to the preparation and dissemination of Amber Waves and Charts of Note, securing and evaluating the content of articles and charts, and providing technical guidance and oversight to the Amber Waves team members rand research divisions regarding article and charts content and technical information submitted for publication.

The Agricultural Economist reviews the ERS research and analysis program as it relates to the flow of information for use in Amber Waves and Charts of Note and works to ensure the integration and coordination of the magazine and charts with other agency products.  This includes participating fully with the Branch Chief in formulating the broad information policies and programs of ERS and working directly with ERS's policy and program managers to plan, implement, and evaluate specific information programs.