Job Overview


The Congressional Research Service (CRS) seeks a senior manager to serve as Deputy Counselor to the Director. CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing objective, nonpartisan analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate.

This position is located within CRS’s Office of the Counselor to the Director (COU), which includes the Inquiry Section, the Program Section, and the Office of Communications. These functional units perform aspects of the Service’s outreach, including such activities as liaising with congressional oversight committees, informing Member and congressional committee offices of the range of CRS products and services available to them, managing congressional client requests for research and analysis, developing and conducting programs and orientations for congressional staff, marketing and branding CRS products and services, and developing communications to Congress.

The person selected for this position will advise CRS’s Director and Deputy Director on the range of legal and policy questions that arise from CRS’s operations; its relationship with the Congress, other Library of Congress offices and units, and other legislative support agencies; and on employee and labor relations matters, collective bargaining, ethical and legal issues surrounding activities of employees, and judicial actions involving CRS. In addition to serving as a legal and policy advisor for CRS, the Deputy Counselor to the Director will be responsible for the daily operations of the Inquiry Section, the Program Section, and the Office of Communications. This includes directly supervising the heads of these functional units and playing a key role in developing, shaping, and overseeing CRS outreach efforts.

The incumbent will be expected to develop and maintain effective interactions and working relationships with various high-level officials, including Members of Congress and their staff, on issues of concern to the Service, and will serve with full delegated authority as the Counselor to the Director in his/her absence.

Additional information about CRS and the Office of the Counselor to the Director is available at:

This is a senior leadership position. Applications received for this position will not be considered for any other CRS vacancies. To be considered for this position you must meet the critical competency requirements of the job at the levels described below.

  1. Ability to apply knowledge of the law to address policy and legal questions: As a legal advisor for an agency or organization, I have applied expert knowledge in a broad range of legal areas (e.g., ethics and conflicts of interest, labor-management relations, separation of powers, contract law, publication policies, personnel policies and issues, appropriations, administrative and legislative practice and procedure) to address policy and legal questions.
  2. Ability to lead and manage a program/area of responsibility: I have led and managed a program for an agency or organization, including: advising top agency officials; overseeing day-to-day operations directly or through subordinate managers; working with both internal and external organizations to achieve program goals; evaluating current and proposed programs and operations and recommending actions to initiate, modify, or discontinue projects; developing and integrating policies and processes; and planning, acquiring and organizing resources and people.
  3. Ability to lead people and manage a workforce: I have led and managed an agency or organization's professional and administrative staff (e.g., responsible for developing staffing plans, recruiting and hiring, assigning work, and evaluating performance).
  4. Ability to provide leadership for outreach and communications programs: I have managed an agency or organization's outreach and communications activities (e.g., evaluating the appropriateness of communications strategies, overseeing development and implementation of strategies and plans to increase outreach and communications program effectiveness, making determinations about appropriateness of interactions with the media, advising on policy implications of client inquiries and requests, evaluating the effectiveness of educational and outreach programs, and providing guidance to senior level officials on agency outreach and communications initiatives).

Continue with the application process only if you are able to document on your resume that you meet the four requirements listed above. If you do not meet the qualification requirements for this executive level leadership position, we invite you to consider applying for other CRS positions for which your background and experience may be more appropriate. A separate application is required for each vacancy.


Major duties of this position include:

  • Serves as the primary advisor to the Counselor to the Director on the legal and policy implications of CRS's statutory mission-related responsibilities. Counsels the Director and Deputy Director, senior management staff, and officials of CRS on policy and legal questions with respect to such matters as congressional requests, potential conflicts of interest with regard to staff activities, and labor and employee relations policies.
  • Examines and defines policy and legal questions and issues affecting all aspects of the Service and its relationships with the Congress, other Library of Congress offices and units, other legislative support agencies, executive branch agencies, and private or non-federal organizations and entities. Advises on the appropriate legal strategies to achieve program goals and objectives; serves on interagency, national, and/or international special work groups, task forces, or expert panels on special projects or studies; participates in strategic and operational governance processes of CRS.
  • Responsible for the daily functioning and administration of the Office of the Counselor of the Director, including legislative relations, management information, outreach, and labor management relations programs consistent with the mission and goals of the Service. Directly supervises the heads of the Inquiry Section, the Program Section, and the Office of Communications. Oversees and ensures compliance with human resource management functions and requirements for office staff. Establishes and clearly communicates performance expectations for staff members. Leads staff toward meeting the Library's and CRS's vision, mission, and goals by managing performance, communicating effectively, fostering continuous improvement and innovation, building and maintaining relationships, leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, thinking systematically and inspiring change. Exhibits commitment to the Library's Supervisor Core Competencies.
  • Serves as a principal representative to committees and officers of the United States Congress, other legislative agencies and the Library of Congress, executive departments and agencies, professional organizations, universities, and other research organizations on issues of concern to the Service.