Job Overview


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Become a part of our mission to maintain and strengthen the vitality  of the US science and engineering enterprise.  For over 60 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has remained the premier Federal agency supporting basic research  at the frontiers of discovery across all fields, as well as science and  engineering education at all levels.

The Division of Human Resource Management (HRM) promotes a culture of continuous learning within the NSF by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure excellence in fulfilling NSF’s statutory mission. HRM creates new initiatives, programs, curricula and processes to support the professional development of all staff to enhance their skills and strategic understanding. The Instructional Technology Project Leader will report to the Instructional Technology Officer and provide professional expertise in a variety of learning initiatives that may include, but not be limited to, development of business process training as enabled through electronic systems; integrating classroom-based instruction with various online learning tools; implementing distance learning tools and video conferencing solutions; providing recommendations related to the use of social media tools in training and professional development programs; and further developing and refining online collaborative systems.


Coordinate strategies to achieve a robust and high quality education system that meets NSF’s needs.  Lead projects relating to the design, development and implementation of learning programs that support NSF strategic initiatives.  Specific initiatives may require coordination with NSF stakeholders, contractors, other government entities, colleges and universities, as well as other certificate-granting institutions.  Programs should add value to NSF learning initiatives, be measurable in terms of performance improvement, and offer accountability measures to management. 

As an advisor and consultant to the Instructional Technology Officer, provide expert guidance on the design, development, implementation and enhancement of state of the art electronic learning systems for the NSF. Test and recommend new, emerging and/or upgraded presentation technology solutions.  Provide recommendations related to the use of social media tools in training and professional development programs for agency leadership. Develop best practices for the use of presentation technology in the NSF’s learning programs. Benchmark various methods, coordinate with NSF stakeholders and HRM staff, develop recommendations on proposed strategies, and implement agreed-upon enhancements. This project may require working with contractors to develop a robust, agile system to meet NSF needs.

Provide leadership in analyzing and advancing the NSF learning initiatives in the development of blended learning and use of social media tools, as well as the promotion of cross functional/inter-disciplinary initiatives. Maintain quality control of NSF online courses. Assess the learning needs of NSF employees and the sufficiency of existing courses and modes of instruction in meeting those identified needs; develop and implement cost-effective recommendations for addressing any gaps.  As needed, support the needs of end users in video-teleconference, distance education, and lecture capture/recording technologies. 

Represent the program, Division, and Foundation within the community, with other NSF Divisions, and with other appropriate agencies and organizations, accurately reflecting NSF policy and positions. Create and maintain linkages to other NSF units and other Federal agencies in pursuit of the overall NSF mission. Collaborate with educational technology and information technology specialists across the Federal Government and in the University system to identify and adapt new technologies in the employee development process. 

Represent HRM in meetings  with officials of NSF, other agencies, vendors, and members of external organizations to present results of assessments, and influence approval and implementation of NSF-wide instructional technology business solutions and system plans that accommodate objectives of the NSF strategic plan, Administration or legislative objectives, E-Gov programs, etc.

Engage in general and focused market research into existing and emerging technologies, with an emphasis on balancing the use of commercial products with open source, collaborative web technologies, and open educational content. 

Establish contacts and maintain active involvement in instructional design and/or technology and related areas through participation in professional activities. Maintain familiarity with salient current research developments. Pursue individual research as workload and travel funds permit. 

Additional duties may be assigned.