Job Overview


This is a Direct Hire Action, (section 1312 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002) allows agencies to appoint candidates directly to occupations for which the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has determined that there is a severe shortage of candidates or a critical hiring need for certain occupations, grades, and/or geographic locations.  Agencies may appoint without regard to Veterans' Preference. THIS IS AN OPEN CONTINUOUS ANNOUNCEMENT: A referral list will be issued after the following cut-off dates: July 5,  August 5, & Sept 5, 2013.  This announcement may close at any time once all positions are filled.

Since its founding in 1961, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has invested in innovative, cost-effective solutions that save millions of lives..." USAID is an independent Federal Government agency that receives overall foreign policy guidance from the Secretary of State.  With headquarters in Washington, D.C., USAID fosters transformational development around the world to support economic growth and trade; agriculture and the environment; education and training; democracy and governance; global health; global partnerships and humanitarian assistance.  The Agency operates in four regions of the world:  Sub-Saharan Africa; Asia and the Near East; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Europe and Eurasia.  USAID employees in the Civil Service and Foreign Service, as well as individuals employed through Personal Service Contracts, must adhere to our Counter Trafficking in Persons Code of Conduct.  For more information on USAID please click on the following link:

This position is in the USAID Office of Acquisitions and Assistance, Bureau for Management, at the State Annex (SA-44), in the Federal Center Plaza Building, Washington, DC. whose mission is responsible for directing and managing its worldwide acquisition and assistance program and, as such, it's integral and critical to the delivery of the Agency's annual development and humanitarian assistance program portfolios.

The incumbent serves as a Contract Specialist with responsibility for all pre-award and post-award functions involving highly complex negotiated procurements of significant importance to the Agency.  Requirements of the contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, inter-agency agreements are typically highly specialized and involve complex systems or sensitive international programs..

In order to be considered for this position, all applications and required supporting documents must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. of the closing date of the announcement.  Failure to submit required documents could result in your application being considered INCOMPLETE and therefore not receive further review in the process.

If you are interested in applying for this position your are encouraged to read the vacancy announcement in its entirely, and apply following the instructions listed under "How To Apply"


The duties described is not all inclusive of the duties up to the full performance level

The incumbent serves as a Contract Specialist with responsiblity for:

  • Procures items or services for which adequate price competition is available.  Prepares solicitation documents.  Performs detailed analyses of all elements of cost in contractor proposals.  Determines the competitive range and prepares defensible justifications when required.
  • Recommends actions when the contractor is not in compliance with contract provisions.  Investigates circumstances to determine and recommend alternative courses of action, such as extension of delivery schedule.  Conducts contract reviews to evaluate contractor's performance, and monitors contractor activity to assure compliance.  Monitors such matters as payments, claims, and contractual changes to insure requirements of the contract are met.  Reviews completed contract file to ensure routine administrative matters are resolved or completed.
  • Assists in the review of procedureal aspects of contract actions.  Participates in contract administration sufficient to ensure contract terms and conditions are met and that the contractor dleivers the required goods or services in a timely manner to achieve the objectives of the Agency's projects and programs.  Assists in the termination of contracts for the convenience of the governement or default by the contractor.  The incumbent is responsible for the preparation of all documentation necessary to support and defend termination decisions.
  • Develops routine plans or schedules using standard references and existing information.  Assists in the procurement planning activities.  Serves as part of a team that advises program officials or staff in project planning meetings.  Advises program officials of the procurement instruments to be used.
  • Negotiates contracts and agreements when precedents are well established and the bargaining positions are close.  Utilizes common contract methods and types with well-defined and well-orecedented contract actions.  Serves on negotiation team responsible for a significant program or for major procurement.  Assists in planning the negotiation strategy, coordinates the strategy with contractors/grantees to develop the contract/grant prices and terms.
  • Researches and analyzes a factual procurement policy or procedural question and provides advice on appropriate procurement methods and procedures.  Responds to protests by researching and developing necessary analysis documentation, and history.  Works with the General Counsel's office in preparing the Agency's position and Contracting Officer reports to support the Government's defense protests to the GAO.