Job Overview


The Department of Veterans Affairs is interested in attracting the best talent for our diverse cadre of Veteran Law Judges from all sources: within VA, within the Federal government, and from the private sector. Therefore, we have streamlined our recruitment process and, we are only announcing our positions for 14 days.

The Board of Veterans Appeals is composed of the men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of government.  These leaders possess well honed Veteran Law skills and share a broad perspective of government and a public service commitment.

This position is in the Excepted Service

Multiple similarly categorized positions may be filled using this vacancy announcement.

"This announcement has been extended to clarify instructions for faxed versus online applications and to increase the character limit for online narrative responses."   


The incumbent serves as a Veteran Law Judge in the Office of Veterans Law Judges (OVLJ) within the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. 

Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Managing, mentoring, training, developing and leading staff counsel;
  • Reviewing requests for and determining whether statutory and regulatory provisions pertaining to hearings are satisfied;  
  • Identifying the issues raised by and on behalf of the appellant and determining which of these issues has been procedurally developed for appellate review;
  • Analyzing all previously developed evidence and appraising previous adjudicative processes by the originating agency; 
  • Determining whether there are other parties with adverse interests who may be joined in a contested appeal;
  • Recommending to the Chairman that subpoenas be issued or revoked;
  • Correlating and resolving conflicting evidence;
  • Fully considering all the evidence of record and issuing decisions which are completely independent and final, signed by the Veterans Law Judge and published to the parties in interest without prior review; 
  • Ruling on motions, as provided by the applicable law and regulations; and
  • Conducting in person or video conferencing hearings.