Job Overview


Position is in the Office of the Archivist, Office of Innovation located at Archives II, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740.

This position is responsible for assignments designed to manage and extend NARA’s collaborations with Wikipedia/Wikimedia and related projects. There may also be involvement in activity on other social media and online access platforms depending on NARA's participation, collaborations, and projects as directed.. To support these efforts, the Office of Innovation develops, maintains and coordinates: the description program; agency-wide business architecture; metadata standards and authorities; and provides internal digitization labs, intranet, and social media programs. 

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At the full performance level, duties include the following:

  • Working on NARA’s social media efforts in collaboration with other NARA units (e.g., Research Services, Presidential Libraries, Legislative Archives and Information Technology) as well as the Wikimedia Foundation/Wikipedia, other Federal organizations such as the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian, other archives (state/local/university), and organizations such as OCLC and the Society of American Archivists (SAA).
  • Participating in new or existing WikiProjects related to increasing access to archives collections and services.
  • Responsible for the online image and reputation of NARA on Wikipedia and other platforms. Creating NARA policies governing the use of social media and social networking websites.
  • Analyzing the intricacies of NARA’s online presence and determining ways in which to grow engagement with stakeholders.
  • Implementing strategies to effectively use and share explicit and tacit knowledge in an online environment and facilitates the sharing of best business practices.
  • Providing support/assistance in creation and implementation of Wikipedia/Wikimedia strategies and directions NARA may pursue including possible contributions to the creation of metadata standards or adoption of existing standards.
  • Defining key performance indicators and implementing enterprise level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge Wikipedia project success.
  • Performing outreach to NARA staff to explain Wikipedia’s practices, providing training throughout the organization on best practices for creating, managing, monitoring, and providing content for Wikipedia/Wikimedia use.
  • Coordinating marketing events with online activity and tracks the analytics of Wikipedia influence and distribution channels.
  • Organizing special events, such editing challenge days or scanathons for the Wikipedia community; sharing the experience with NARA, the Wikipedia community, and the public via presentations, videos or social media.