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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer
Department:  Department Of Agriculture
Agency:  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Job Announcement Number:  24VS-2013-0084

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$109,022.00 to $141,726.00 / Per Year
Thursday, May 16, 2013 to Monday, June 17, 2013
Full-Time - Permanent
1 vacancy - Orient Point, NY, US  View Map
This announcement is open to all United States citizens. (Current and Former Federal employees may also apply with a separate application to Merit Promotion vacancy announcement #6VS-2013-0094. For information on viewing Merit Promotion announcements, click Locating a Status Position on USAJOBS.)


The incumbent serves as the Head of the Diagnostic Services Section (DSS), at the Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (FADDL), National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL). The function of this unit is to develop diagnostic competence for a wide variety of foreign animal diseases (FAD), perform developmental studies on new FAD diagnostic modalities, provide training programs in the recognition and diagnosis of FAD to participants from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), State Veterinary departments, veterinary colleges, academicians, zoological parks, and foreign countries.

You can make a difference! The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP) needs bright, energetic and committed professionals to facilitate the domestic and international marketing of U.S. agricultural products and to protect the health and care of animals and plants in the United States. MRP offers an array of occupations and is committed to diversity in the workplace. We operate in domestic and global markets.  Be part of an organization that protects the health and agriculture of the American people. Join our team! 

APHIS is an emergency response agency. This means that all Agency employees may be asked or assigned to participate in rotating temporary duty assignments to support emergency programs at some time during their careers with APHIS. For details click: APHIS Emergency Response


  • U.S. Citizenship


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The duties described are for the full-performance level. At developmental grade levels, assignments will be of more limited scope, performed with less independence and limited complexity. The duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Serves as a VMO and technical expert in the study and diagnosis of foreign animal diseases and; as supervisor of the Section coordinates all activities required for diagnostic work.
  • Provides a specialized expertise in the differential diagnosis of exotic and domestic species of mycoplasma, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), vesicular stomatitis (VS), vesicular exanthema of swine (VES), swine vesicular disease (SVD) and serotyping of approximately 60 subtypes of FMD.
  • Completes diagnostic and safety tests on samples of animal origin and related products.
  • Maintains quality control of diagnostic materials used.
  • Evaluate diagnostic test methods and respective protocols.
  • Develops new and/or improves existing laboratory procedures for detection of FAD agents and their antibodies, including protocol documentation.
  • Develops visual aids and maintains an expertise on FAD to develop and provide leadership in conducting specialized seminars and training sessions given to members of Federal/State agencies, universities, zoological parks, and foreign countries in the recognition and diagnosis of diseases exotic to the United States.
  • Plan, formulate, develop, and coordinate all aspects of FADDL’s role as a reference laboratory for the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).
  • Support the NAHLN as an expert on diagnostic testing and validation of assays used to detect exotic animal diseases (FAD) and collaborate closely with the NAHLN coordinator to establish exotic animal testing capabilities throughout this network.


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To qualify, you MUST meet all qualification requirements by the closing date of the announcement.


1. Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent degree, i.e., Veterinary Medical Doctor (VMD), obtained at a school or college of veterinary medicine accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA). The AVMA website has a listing of all AVMA-accredited veterinary medical schools.AVMA website: OR

2. Graduates of foreign veterinary medical schools that are not accredited by the AVMA Council on Education must meet one of the following requirements: (Refer to AVMA web site for information about schools in this category.)

a) Proof of certification of their final transcript by the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG);

b) Possession of a permanent, full, and unrestricted license to practice veterinary medicine in a State, District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States that includes successful completion of the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) or its predecessors, the National Board Examination (NBE) and the Clinical Competency Test (CCT); OR

c) Proof that the education obtained in a foreign veterinary medical program is equivalent to that gained in a veterinary medical program that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. An AVMA-accredited veterinary medical school or college must have accepted the final transcript from the foreign veterinary medical school at full value for placement into an advanced degree, postgraduate educational program, or training program (e.g., residency or graduate program).

In addition, graduates of foreign veterinary medical programs must also provide proof of proficiency in the English language by successfully completing one of the nationally and internationally recognized examinations that incorporate assessments of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Examples of examinations that assess mastery of the English language are shown below:

a) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) - Minimum scores for the TOEFL are 560 for the paper-based version; 220 for the computer-based version; or overall score of 83 for the internet-based version (including 26 or higher in speaking, 26 or higher in listening, and 17 or higher in writing). For the computer-based and paper-based test versions, applicants must also complete the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and the Test of Written English (TWE). Minimum required scores are 55 for the TSE and 5.5 for the TWE.

b) Academic tests (listening, writing, and speaking) offered by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Applicants must achieve a minimum overall band score of 7.0, with at least 7.0 in speaking, 6.5 in listening, and 6.0 in writing; OR

c) Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL). Applicants must achieve a minimum overall band score of 70, with at least 60 in speaking, 60 in listening, and 50 in writing.

Graduates of foreign veterinary medical programs must submit test results with their application. Results of more than one test or testing session cannot be combined to meet the standard.

Waiver Provision: English language proficiency assessments may be waived for qualified job applicants whose native language is English (i.e., the official or common language of an individual's country of birth is English) who submit a diploma or other official documentation as proof of graduation from a high (secondary) school where the entire curriculum and educational programs were taught in the English language for the entire 3 or 4 years of full-time attendance.

TRANSCRIPTS are required:

  • This position requires specific coursework or a degree in a specific field to be basically qualified.
  • This education must have been successfully completed and obtained from an accredited school, college, or university. For more information on submitting transcripts, click: Transcripts

    IN ADDITION TO MEETING THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AT THE GS-14 GRADE LEVEL: Applicants must have one year of progressively responsible, professional veterinary experience that demonstrates the ability to independently perform the veterinary medical duties required of the position being filled. Experience must be equivalent to the next lower Federal grade level. This experience may have been obtained in the private or public (local, county, state, Federal) sectors. 

    Examples of qualifying experience include, but are not limited to:

    • Experience in microbiology, virology, veterinary medicine, epidemiology, immunological and molecular biological methods for the diagnosis of infectious animal diseases. 
    • Experience in planning, organizing, and supervising projects related to the development and validation of diagnostic assays utilizing newly emerging technologies for the detection of infectious animal diseases.
    • Experience in the development and implementation of standard operating procedures, training, and proficiency programs for diagnostic assays being deployed to other laboratories.  Solid knowledge in the implementation of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and QC/QA standards and ISO accreditation in the use, development, and validation of diagnostic tests.
    • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing to (1) coordinate and collaborate with national and international program leaders (2) explain agency requirements as related to validation, proficiency testing and training and deployment of assays, (3) prepare written reports (dossiers) of diagnostic tests, (4) document the development of new findings, and (5) interact with others in order to effectuate program policies and meet common goals and objectives.

    Special Conditions:

  • Males born after 12/31/59 must be registered with the Selective Service.
  • Transcripts must be submitted for this position.
  • Subject to satisfactory completion of one year probationary period.
  • Transcripts must be submitted for this position.
  • Foreign DVM's - See Qualifications section for required paperwork.
  • As a condition of employment, a background investigation may be required for this position.
  • If you are appointed to a supervisory or managerial position, you may be required to complete a one year supervisory/managerial probationary period.
  • We understand that accepting a position with Veterinary Services may require the need for spousal career placement assistance. To help you and your family make a successful career transition, Veterinary Services is dedicated to providing information on career placement assistance. Please visit the following web links for more information:
  • This position is subject to unscheduled overnight details of undetermined lengths in the event of animal health emergencies or other conditions requiring immediate response, as required by the Agency. (Extensive periods of time may be designated for overnight details.)
  • Individuals must be physically and mentally able to safely and efficiently perform the full-range of duties of the position without creating hazards to themselves or others.
  • Due to the contagious nature to livestock of foot-and-mouth disease, and other diseases under study at PIADC, PIADC Biological Safety Regulations specify a personal quarantine for employees working in PIADC BSL-3 biocontainment. As a condition for employment, all personnel entering the BSL-3 biocontainment facilities at Plum Island shall not be in contact with specific susceptible animals off the Plum Island premises for a period of five (5) days after leaving biocontainment. Currently, restricted species are cattle, sheep, goats, deer & other ruminants, & swine. Horses, birds (agricultural and pet birds) & rabbits are normally permitted but restrictions may be placed on staff working with contagious agents affecting these species. Employees who violate this requirement may be removed from employment or subject to other disciplinary actions. Restricted livestock or other restricted animals should not be housed on the premises where the employee under quarantine restrictions lives.
  • Required to travel daily to and from Orient Point, New York and Plum Island or Saybrook, Connecticut aboard a Government-provided marine vessel.
  • The selectee will be required to sign the Center for Disease Control Program Mobility Agreement. To view the agreement click: Center for Disease Control Program Mobility Agreement
  • The selectee will be required to sign the Epidemiology Training Agreement. To view the agreement click: Epidemiology Training Agreement
  • Diagnostic functions are completed in an emergency or priority situation which may require working in the evening, weekends or holidays. Physical demands include working in restricted areas of animal rooms which require cautious movements to defend against physical injury by large animals. Working with unknown pathogenic agents mandates the use of biocontainments hoods and wearing personal protective gear in animal rooms, which is strenuous on the individual.
  • Laboratory work is completed in a restricted biocontainment facility. Specialized personnel biocontainment gear is worn while working with zoonotic disease agents; vaccination against certain disease agents is required for personal protection. Work involves possible exposure to unknown communicable disease agents. The position requires working in laboratory animal rooms with both large and small animals. Biological safety requires decontamination showers within and upon exit of the laboratory. In addition, there is a high noise level due to air exhaust systems and laboratory equipment which is used almost continuously i.e. centrifuges, blenders, grinders, freezers and laminar flow biocontainment hoods.
  • For health and safety of the incumbent and to prevent the spread of disease, immunization against diseases being studied at PIADC which are transmissible to humans may be required where the vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for safety and effectiveness under the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended in 21USC 321-392. Where the vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for investigational purpose, the incumbent will be advised that such immunization is voluntary.
  • Provides supervision to veterinary medical officers, microbiologists, and biological laboratory technicians. Incumbent outlines work assignments, provides guidance on procedures and methods to be employed and reviews work in progress. Incumbent is responsible for approving or disapproving leave, giving performance evaluations and making recommendations concerning personnel actions. Assures that equal opportunity is extended to employees supervised which includes full consideration of eligible minority group members and women in filling vacant positions; holding individual and group meetings to communicate EEO and program missions; providing career counseling and orientation; enhancing career opportunities through training and development, job redesign and similar techniques; and ensuring full and equal consideration of these employees in recommending promotions, awards and other forms of special recognition.

    Your resume must support the following:

    1. You meet the specialized experience requirements described in Qualifications above; and

    2. You are proficient in the following skills or competencies. Please provide sufficient detail in your resume to demonstrate your specific experience in each of the areas identified below. Please note you are not required to provide specific narrative responses to the skills and competencies described in this section.

    • Knowledge of microbiology/virology, molecular biology, immunology, veterinary medicine, and epidemiology as it relates to the pathogenesis and diagnosis of infectious animal diseases. (Please provide examples of experience describing the use of diagnostic techniques for developing, validating and deploying new tests for the identification and characterization of infectious disease agents, with a focus on agents causing foreign animal disease and emerging infectious diseases)
    • Ability to lead and manage diagnostic programs. (Please describe experience planning, organizing, and supervising projects related to veterinary diagnostics, including administrate duties such as: supervising and developing employees, conflict management, leveraging diversity, and budget management)
    • Ability to develop and implement standard operating procedures, training, and validation programs for diagnostic assays for development to other laboratories. (Please describe experience implementing and managing stringent Quality Control/Assurance programs and/or Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and/or ISO accredited practices as required for national and international laboratory certification)
    • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing to: (1) coordinate and collaborate with national and international program leaders (2) collaborate in the development of policy and regulations (3) explain agency requirements as related to, validation and deployment of assays (4) prepare written diagnostic reports, (5) propose developmental projects for internal and external (Interagency Agreements) competitive funding (6) document the development of new findings, (7) interact with others in order to effectuate program policies and meet common goals and objectives, and (8) participate in teaching and training national and international veterinarians.
    3. Your resume includes dates of employment and a detailed description of each position you held. Failure to do so may impact your rating and may remove you from consideration.
  • Your final rating will be based on the information provided in your resume and supplemental documentation submitted with your application package.
  • Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating. Deliberate attempts to falsify information may be grounds for not selecting you.

  • To preview questions please click here.


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    Eligibility for employee benefits depends on your type of appointment and your tour of duty (work schedule). Generally, you must be hired on a permanent basis and have a regular full or part-time work schedule. For more information on potential benefits, go to: Federal Employee Benefits


    • For information regarding CTAP eligibility for applicants who are displaced Federal employees click on the link below: Career Transition Assistance Programs
    • More than one selection may be made if another vacancy occurs within 90 days of the issuance of the certification of eligibles.
    • Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc) should contact: USDA's TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (voice and TDD).
    • For information on filing a complaint of discrimination, click: Filing a Complaint


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    A complete on-line application will require the submission of the following:
    • Resume
    • Responses to the vacancy specific questions
    • Supporting Documentation which may be required (See links under Required Documents for more information)
      • College Transcripts or List of Coursework - MUST be in English (Key Requirement and/or Education Substitution)
      • English language proficiency results (Foreign Education)
      • Diplomate certificate or certification of completion of a qualifying internship, residency, or Fellowship in veterinary medicine
      • ICTAP/CTAP eligibility documentation (Displaced Employees)
    For instructions on using the on-line system click: APPLYING ON-LINE For instructions on submitting documents click: SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION


    Click on the following links to see if the supporting documentation is applicable to you:
  • Do I need to submit college transcripts?
  • I attended school at a foreign university. Do I need to submit any additional documents?
  • I am a displaced or surplus Federal employee. What documents do I need to submit? Critical Submission Requirements and Reminders
    • Help in applying online is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time at the number listed in the Contact information section.
    • All application materials and supplemental documentation will be accepted until midnight Eastern Time on the closing date.
    • Application and supporting documentation will not be accepted via e-mail.
    • Submit documents which are clear and legible. Illegible documents cannot be used for qualification or verification purposes.
    • Due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to confirm receipt of supporting documentation. If faxing, you should retain confirmation of a successful fax transmission including the number of pages successfully transmitted as proof of submission.
    • If a document is resubmitted, it replaces the previous submission, which means the previous document is no longer available to the human resources office. If you are adding to, rather than replacing a previous submission, you must fax and/or upload both the old document and the new document.
    • If you are using the system generated fax cover sheet, please fax to the number listed on the fax cover sheet.
    • Our online application system is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6.0 and above and Mozilla Firefox versions 2.0 and above.
    • Applicants who cannot apply on-line must request a hard copy application packet from the Agency Contact listed in the vacancy announcement. Resumes and/or supporting documentation alone will not be considered without the inclusion of a hard copy application packet.

    Phone: 612-336-3345
    Fax: 612-336-3560
    Agency Information:
    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
    100 N 6th Street, Butler Sq Bldg, 510C
    Minneapolis, MN
    Fax: 612-336-3560


    Once your complete application package (including all required documents) is received, we will conduct an evaluation of your qualifications. You may check the status of your application on-line 24 hours a day through USAJOBS. Status updates will be available after 2-3 weeks. For instructions on checking your application status click : Checking My Application Status No additional correspondence will be sent.

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