Job Overview


Interested in assisting U.S. businesses compete globally? The International Trade Administration is instrumental in assisting businesses compete in the global economy. Help create opportunities for U.S. workers and firms, by promoting trade, opening foreign markets to ensure compliance with trade laws and agreements.

This position is located in the International Trade Administration, Import Administration, Office of Operations Support, Information Technology Unit. The incumbent will serve as the bureau Property Accountability Officer (PAO).  The PAO is responsible for performing quarterly and annual inventories of all accountable property in Import Administration.  The incumbent will be responsible for all aspects of dissemination of Import Administration information to external and internal customers and the public over the Internet.   This includes being able to manage the existing website information, post new information to the website, and ensure that information posted is timely, current and presented in a useful format.  The incumbent will provide technical expertise and advice to the Information Technology Manager for the development of new databases and systems to meet IA’s business needs, and for the maintenance of existing databases and hardware.


Performs quarterly and annual inventories of accountable assets.  Oversees recording of all property acquisitions and disposition changes in the property system.  Ensures that the property system accurately reflects bureau’s assets.  Fills out proper Department forms for surplussed or missing property according to ITA documented procedures. Ensures that property passes are regularly monitored for renewal, or terminated where applicable. 


Responsible for all aspects of the IA website including the timely posting of IA announcements, data and statistics.  Ensures that other database system connections in the IA website are maintained and information is current.


Provides the Information Technology Manager with technical and programmatic analysis and recommendations for the development of databases or hardware systems that further bureau the efficiency and mission.