Job Overview


The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is one of the world's leading statistical agencies, recognized throughout the United States and around the world as a key source for the best and most comprehensive economic statistics available.  The data produced by BEA are among the most important tools used in decision-making by policy-makers in the Congress and the executive agencies, including the Council of Economic Advisers, the Federal Reserve, the Office of Management and Budget and the Treasury.  BEA's data are also used extensively by private businesses and a wide range of regional organizations, state and local governments, businesses and educational institutions.

This vacancy is advertised under 2 different announcements.  Some applicants may not be eligible to be hired under THIS announcement.  Please make sure you apply to the announcement that entitles you to consideration.  Read the `Who May Apply` section carefully to determine your eligibility.  If you are not eligible under this announcement, please see BEA-BPD-2013-0002, Economist, ZP-0110-III, BEA-D-JMW, which can be accessed at

This vacancy is for an Economist position in the Balance of Payments Division, Methodology and Special Studies Branch, located at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis in Washington, DC.

The incumbent will evaluate and improve methodology and data quality, assist in the development of survey and sampling methodologies, analyze and interpret international transactions and investment, document existing programs, and assist in the release and dissemination of data and publications.  Work products will take a variety of forms including written articles and reports; public instruction and presentations; oral reports; advice and consultation; written and verbal correspondence; and documentation of methodologies and sources.  Research and analysis may address methodological and measurement issues, trends in the structure and composition of the balance of payments, and topics in international finance and investment, trade in goods and services, and globalization.

BEA has been ranked by its employees as one of the top federal agencies for which to work.  It has a dynamic and motivated staff, and encourages professional growth.  BEA has an unparalleled location in the heart of downtown D.C., only blocks from the White House and within walking distance to three Metro lines.  The Penn Quarter, Logan and Dupont Circles, and the Kennedy and Verizon Centers are all within walking distance.  This location provides for a unique balance of intellectual pursuit during the day and wealth of cultural and social activities after work.

This position is in the competitive service.

One year probationary period may be required.

Relocation expenses WILL NOT be paid.

This is a non-bargaining unit position.

The Full Promotion Potential of this position is:  ZP-04.

If this position is filled at a level below the full performance level, the selectee may be promoted without further competition.  This implies no promise or guarantee of a promotion.

This position may be filled through means other than the competitive promotion process.  Salaries shown for this vacancy include locality pay.  Applicants interested in relocating to a different geographic location should be aware that their salary is subject to change.


The individual selected for this position will:

Major Duty 1:  Evaluate and improve the methodology and measurement of the U.S. balance of payments and international investment accounts, including survey and sampling issues associated with BEA’s survey program;

Major Duty 2:  Perform economic research and analysis on U.S. trade in goods and services, income flows, and international finance and investment.  Studies may cover such topics as trends in the structure and composition of the U.S. balance of payments and international investment position, trade in goods and services, international income flows, and globalization, or focus on methodological issues associated with producing statistics on these topics;

Major Duty 3:  Plan and carry out complex studies to analyze interrelationships among variables and interpret estimates that enter the national and international accounts; prepare reports/presentations describing results or findings;

Major Duty 4:  Develop methodologies and approaches for research; apply econometric/statistical methods and tools; resolve statistical problems; tabulate data; assess and check reliability of estimates; design or modify procedures for compiling, adjusting, and presenting data; document methodologies; provide advice;

Major Duty 5:  Brief BEA management; create and maintain databases; assist in the dissemination of data and publications;

Major Duty 6:  Collaborate with staff in other statistical agencies; and monitor and evaluate issues for impact on agency programs and policies.