Job Overview


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The Defense Contract Management Agency is a rich resource of indispensable partners who contribute to and benefit from integrated missions and programs. We are an independent combat support agency within the Department of Defense (DoD). We are the Department's contract manager, responsible for ensuring Federal acquisition programs, supplies, and services are delivered on time, within cost and meet performance requirements.

About the Position:

This vacancy is limited to first 50 applicants received and will close at midnight on the closing date or at midnight on the day we receive the 50th application, whichever comes first.

The position of Contract Price/Cost Analyst is a position in the DCMA Keystone Program. DCMA uses the Expedited Hiring Authority to recruit and attract exceptional individuals into the Federal Workforce. The DCMA Keystone program is generally a three-year career developmental program.  

Prior to appointment, all candidates will be required to sign a Keystone Conditions of Employment Agreement.

NOTE:   During the Keystone Program, participants will receive specialized formal classroom training, computer-based training, and on-the-job (OJT) training. The training program will consist of the following:

1.    Report initially to DCMA Organization for at least 2 weeks.

2.    Travel TDY for one week to attend training at a DCMA Learning Center (DLC).

3.    Spend 6 months in the DCMA Organization for more OJT and functional training.

4.    Return possibly to the DLC for 1 week assessment/update training.

5.    Return to the DCMA Organization for more OJT and developmental training.

6.    Return as necessary to the DLC throughout the 2nd year for additional training.

DCMA Keystone

Who May Apply:

·         All U.S. Citizens and Nationals with allegiance to the United States 

·         Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligibles


 Major Duties:


·         Completes classroom and on-the-job training to acquire, exercise, and maintain knowledge of the duties inherent in the administration or price/cost analyst of firm-fixed-price contracts and other contracts of similar complexity or of specific phases of more complex contracts such as overhaul and repair, facilities, cost-plus-fixed-fee, etc.


·         Assists with monitoring contractor performance for compliance with applicable laws, delivery schedules, payment provisions, inspections, contract and date reporting requirements.


·         Assist with contacting contractors to clarify issues on contractual requirements (as necessary).


·         Assists with the review, analysis, and evaluation of unit cost and price data in contractor proposals.  Assists with resolving cost and accounting issues.