Job Overview


Become a part of the Department that touches the lives of every American!  At the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) you can give back to your community, state, and country by making a difference in the lives of Americans everywhere.  It is the principal agency for protecting the health of citizens.  Join HHS and help to make our world healthier, safer, and better for all Americans.

These positions are located in the Immediate Office (IO), Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE),  Office the Secretary (OS), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in Washington, DC.

ASPE serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of HHS on policy development and is responsible for major activities in the areas of policy coordination, legislative development, strategic planning, policy research, evaluation, and economic analysis. Our offices include:  The Office of Human Services Policy; Office of Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Policy; Office of Health Policy; and the Office of Science and Data Policy. For more information regarding ASPE and our work please visit our website at

This vacancy is also being announced concurrently with vacancy announcement HHS-ONC-MP-13-891037 under merit promotion procedures.  Please review that announcement to see if you are eligible for consideration under merit promotion procedures.  NOTE:  Applicants must apply separately for each announcement in order to be considered. This announcement may be used to fill multiple positions.


At the full performance level, incumbent independently performs varied administrative duties with an intimate knowledge of supervisor's priorities and interests concerning current public health issues. Administers and conducts staff research and outside assignments in connection with public health problems, proposals or initiatives. Receives and determines disposition of telephone calls and visitors referring them to the appropriate staff or representative. Coordinates assembling of research and background information in advance of important meetings, conferences, discussions, and other events. Uses a variety of automation tools such as personal computer, printers, scanners, and associated software such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint to develop a variety of documents, reports, calendars, electronic mail, graphics, etc. Works with assigned staff to coordinate the process of tracking correspondence; monitors and screens incoming and outgoing correspondence and action documents to ensure that responses are prepared and deadlines are met. Provides research support to assigned staff by locating, selecting, and citing public health reference materials; reviewing publications, reports, and new items; data collection and analysis; and verification of facts.