Job Overview


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The incumbent will perform work that supports an ongoing research program of a Research Entomologist, whose main research themes support conservation of beneficial insects within modern cropping systems, the feeding ecology of insects, and the ecological risk assessment of new pest management technologies. Main projects that this project will support are the environmental risk assessment of pesticidal small RNAs on non-target species, including beneficial insects and insect communities associated with cropland.


The Incumbent:

  • Actively participates in one or more phases of the research process (through entomological and genetics experiments) in a laboratory, field, or greenhouse environment.
  • Contributes ideas toward the planning and implementation of the technical and support aspects of the research.
  • Performs entomological experiments involving insects, which include areas of anatomy, behavior, ecology, and genetics.
  • Performs full range of techniques and studies using a variety of specialized equipment, which includes qPCR, q-rtPCR, genomic DNA sequencing, environmental growth chambers, greenhouse facilities, personal computers, vehicles, etc.
  • Maintains, calibrates and modifies complex/specialized equipment and automated systems used for test and evaluation procedures.
  • Collects, prepares, evaluates and verifies samples and supporting records.
  • Maintains inventory of chemicals, stock solutions, etc., prepares solutions and reagents for use in laboratory, field, or greenhouse, and safely disposes of waste material.
  • Keeps detailed records of experimental data using personal computers and software packages.