Job Overview


Fort Irwin is a world class training center for America's Soldiers in the High Mojave Desert.

This position be responsible for the the development and direct delivery of instruction or training services.  Will develop and conduct various types of customer service training to FMWR staff.  Will track, monitor and evaluate training effectiveness. 


Serves as a training instructor responsible for the direct delivery of instruction or training services. Delivers employee customer service training, conducts new employee orientation training, tracks, monitors, and evaluates mandatory and function-specific training. In collaboration with Marketing, tracks, monitors, and evaluates customer feedback. In collaboration with division chiefs and program managers, develops training and job aids to promote employees’ business knowledge and situational awareness. Obtains other types of training from outside sources when required and necessary, in accordance with procurement and contracting procedures. Researches cost effective training avenues to support team building, self-paced job specific training, and supervisory and managerial professional development. Assists management in developing opportunities or programs that enhance the professional growth of mid-level and line staff. Assesses and reports on results. Maintains records of training scheduled and completed, attendance and student progress. Independently develops, modifies and updates lesson plans and courses pertaining to the subject matter taught. Determines appropriate instructional techniques such as conference, demonstration, lecture, or self-paced learning programs, on-line instruction, and job aids. Develops visual aids as necessary and/or uses existing material. Conducts surveys to determine an organization’s training needs. Uses present-day technology to accomplish assignments that support learning.

May perform other duties as assigned.